The question on many PlayStation 4 owner's minds lately has been: "Hey, where's that PS4 Spider-Man game?" We got a wonderful first look at the gameplay when it was showcased during Sony's E3 2017 presentation, but since then, it's been mostly radio silence. No word on a release, and no word on how things have been shaping up either. That changes today, as the developers over at Insomniac Games (of Ratchet & Clank fame) have put out a post detailing everything we need to know about the game's release, including the date, two special editions, the box art, and a trailer!


You could always just get the normal edition of the game, but one of the other two options might be more up your alley. The first is the Digital Deluxe edition, which will net you a season pass that correlates to three new story chapters which are being planned for the post-launch DLC. These chapters will be episodic in nature and part of a series, which Insomniac has named "The City That Never Sleeps". These chapters will include new villains and characters as a part of the new storylines, along with new suits for Spidey. Speaking of suits, if you pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition, you'll get a Spidey suit pack to add even further to the customization options, along with a Spider Drone gadget, PSN avatar, theme, and five skill points.


If you're more of a physical collector, Insomniac has you covered there too with the second option: The Collector's Edition. This edition comes with everything the Digital Deluxe edition has (including the pre-order bonuses and season pass), but also a whole treasure trove of physical merchandise. This version of the game comes with a beautiful Steelbook case, an art book, a sticker, and a statue of Spider-Man. If all this sounds like it might be of interest to you, this will be the one to go for. As expected by the names, it's really a matter of if you want the game physically or digitally. The Digital Deluxe edition will cost $79.99, twenty dollars more expensive than the normal version, while the Collector's Edition will cost $149.99. Make the choice wisely!


Marvel's Spider-Man will be releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on September 7th, meaning we still have a few months before the game swings on over. Due to the release being post-E3, it makes one wonder if they might show any more of the game at Sony's conference during the show this year, similar to our look at it last year. If you want to see all of the pre-order bonuses in action, check out Sony's official reveal trailer below! It'll only be 30 seconds out of the many we have to wait until the game, but hey, it's a start. Additional details about the game may come out between now and its release, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.


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