The Nintendo Switch has done better than previous Nintendo consoles in many ways, but one that harkens back to recent Nintendo struggles is the 3rd party support. The Gamecube, Wii, and especially the Wii U suffered from very light 3rd party support. Yet, the Switch is shining in that regard, and one of the biggest acquisitions the company got was bringing Bethesda titles to their new system.


Skyrim was announced during the system reveal event in January of last year, and Doom was announced later on along with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (which hasn't been released yet on the system). That's three big titles from Bethesda on a Nintendo platform. But, most gamers are curious as to what comes next. Will Bethesda continue to support the Switch? Will they be porting over titles? Or making new exclusives just for the Switch?

Well, at PAX Easter, Dualshockers talked with VP of marketing Pete Hines about these topics. Starting with the idea of more ports coming to the system:

"It'll just depend. It’ll depend on whether or not we think the game is a good fit for the platform technically and whether we think it’s something that audience wants on Switch. In that way, it's literally no different than any other platform that we look at or any other game that we do."


As for original titles, Hines wouldn't give anything definitive, rather, he noted that it's up to the teams that make the games:

"I don't know, we'll have to see. All of that stuff always comes down to the devs' idea and what we think is a good fit idea wise and platform wise."

While not anything teaser-like, there is hope that a Bethesda exclusive could come to the Switch. Before, they had never even considered going to the lengths they have here to bring their games to Nintendo platforms. Now that they're established on it, and gamers are wanting more from them, the possibility is there for original content. If for no other reason than companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix are doing it with titles like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Octopath Traveler.


However, there is one final issue that Bethesda and Hines were asked about, and that was about releases. Skyrim and Doom were ports that were released long after their initial releases. Which was understandable given the console was new. However, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was released last year for other platforms but hasn't been given a release date for Switch. Could we see same-day releases on the Switch in the future?

"That's always our preference but in the case of Skyrim and DOOM, well, that wasn't possible. In the case of Wolfenstein II, we needed the extra time and there was no way we were going to hold the other platforms to wait for Switch. From my perspective, any time we can bring it out on the Switch at the exact same time as the other platforms for new releases, I don't know why we wouldn't."

What the future holds for Bethesda and Nintendo isn't clear, but the upcoming months could shed light on the situation.

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