Monster Crown is an upcoming retro-inspired role-playing game about taming beasts with true crossbreeds. Paired with a dark story and loads of imagination, players will partake in an adventure of exploration and the construction of new monster creations. Each individual will slowly create a batch of monsters that will fight to defend the player against other teams during turn-based combat that is similar to that of Pokemon or Dragon Warrior Monsters. The story that sits in the game's background speaks of a few sadistic Philosopher Kings. Dating twenty years prior to the game's timeline, it is revealed that Crown Island was ruled by monstrous leaders. They were a meld of man and beast and possessed dark magic that was utilized to inflict suffering on their city in an exercise to demonstrate their tyranny. Over time, a band of young, frustrated townspeople overthrew the Philosopher Kings and salvaged Crown Island for the safety of their people. Not long after matters seemed to have softened, a menacing women named Beth emerged to Crown Island and threatened to revive the slain Philosopher Kings, which would restore their power and grant them access to their original thrones. This looming danger is the impetus for enlisting in monster companions. Players will travel across Crown Island building their team in an effort to put an end to the dark, and prevent a tyranny from returning, or embracing it all together as an inevitability.


The developers over at Studio Aurum warn that a tricky decision must be made that will regulate how the rest of the game will be experienced. During a time in each player's journey, they will need to choose to side with the band of outliers who decide to fight against the dark or choose to fight alongside Beth. The choice between being on Team Savior or Team Messiah can't be changed once decided, so players are encouraged to choose wisely. Each team changes the plot of the game, ensuring a different ending and unique post-game consequences. In a callback to player nostalgia, Monster Crown begins in a quaint farm town, composed of pixel art and synthesized electronic music, where users find they are taking on the role of an adventurous adolescent character. In an instance of great luck, your character wins a giveaway that was sponsored on the back of a comic book. The reward provides your very first monster and begins your taming journey. The monster you receive is determined upon filling out a carefully constructed personality test. Now, with a monster at your side, you're ready to run errands. What could have been a simple assignment begins to draw in the complexity of the game's story, as players will find themselves involved in an altercation with a band of gangsters, and learn of all the evil plaguing the world.


The crossbreeding mechanic offers a unique gameplay perspective as it provides a multitude of possibilities regarding potential fighters. New species of monsters are created independently, meaning each player can combine any two of the over two-hundred monsters available in the game. This promises players will be commanding a fleet of monsters that they have designed akin to their own preferred playstyle, with countless combinations to come by. Players must consider various factors when deciding what monsters to meld, and what advantages could surmount from them. Characteristics like appearance, color, movesets, typing, and stats will be inherited to the crossbreed, meaning balancing is key, as the players themselves will be responsible for the efficiency of their decisions. The crossbreeding mechanic will eventually grow more complicated through generations of monsters being created, as each of their characteristics become more specified, and breeding becomes more refined. After time passes, it's possible that players won't be able to tell what monsters they started with given the evolution of their new species. Players who construct monsters that contain conducive battling characteristics may be in high demand as trading among others is always a possibility. Monster Crown has recently started a Kickstarter to ensure production goes smoothly, which has already surpassed their backer goal with twenty-seven days left to fund it. The game is set to release on Steam for Windows and Linux on February 1 of next year. Those who enjoy console can also pick it up for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita.

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