Recently on Nintendo's game news channel Nintendo Direct it has been announced that the classic GameCube game Luigi's Mansion is getting a remake for the Nintendo 3DS. They released a trailer showcasing the upcoming title as well. The original game released for GameCube in 2001 and has gotten a sequel for 3DS called Dark Moon in 2013, but now both old and new fans of the sequel can now play the game that started it all on their 3DS.


The Luigi's Mansion remake will have many new features included in the classic game. Luigi's Mansion will have a new mode included as well as the original campaign. The new mode is called Boss Rush and allows you to fight bosses from the game again. Nintendo makes full use of the 3DS's dual screen by making the top screen for the game and the bottom for the map of the mansion. This makes it a bit easier to navigate without having to constantly open a map to find your way around.

Luigi's Mansion's story started with Luigi having won a mansion in a contest that he doesn’t ever remember entering. He tells his brother Mario about the mansion and they agree to meet up outside the mansion. Luigi heads over to the mansion and when he does not find his brother outside he heads inside to look for him. Armed with only a flashlight, he continues to search the mansion until he is suddenly attacked by a ghost. He is saved by an old Toad wielding a vacuum cleaner. However, the old man is soon overpowered by the ghost and Luigi picks up the vacuum cleaner and in turn, saves him. The old man brings Luigi to his lab outside the mansion and introduces himself as Professor E. Gadd. He then explains to Luigi that the mansion was built by King Boo to hide the ghosts that reside in the paintings on the wall. King Boo has previously released all the ghosts that the Professor has previously captured and trapped Mario in a painting. The professor explains how Luigi can capture the ghosts with the professor's invention The Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner and sets him on his way to save his brother and imprison all the ghosts again.


The gameplay involves you exploring the mansion room by room and clearing them of ghosts. You have a flashlight that stuns ghosts for a few seconds and then you can suck them in with the vacuum cleaner like the Ghostbusters do in the films and games. You have to do a series of button commands to reel in the ghosts like you would a fish on a fishing pole. Some fights are harder than others and some include using the vacuum to suck up objects and then launching them back at the enemies. The Poltergust 3000 can eventually be upgraded to have 3 element types which includes fire, water, and ice and is needed for certain bosses and to complete certain puzzles around the mansion. As you search the house you find coins and other bits of treasure that can be collected, which also act as your health items. You have to defeat, capture, and put all the ghosts back in their portraits and finally deal with the head honcho King Boo to free Mario and beat the game.


Luigi's Mansion offers comedic moments as the scaredy-cat Luigi searches for his brother Mario. The player can even call out to Mario, with 3 different variations, in a scared voice with the press of a button that adds to the humor of the game. Luigi's Mansion's remake is coming to 3DS later this year with no official date yet announced. Nintendo has not stated if they plan to release it for the Switch as well, but it’s possible it might show up on the Switch’s Virtual Console sometime later down the road. Stay tuned for any updates.

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