Many games have resonated with players over the many generations of consoles and handheld systems. However, one has transcended generations and continues to grow and evolve with each update and version that comes out. That game is Minecraft. Despite it coming out in 2009, the game has been thriving even 10 years later. In fact, it's been so popular, that it went from PC to virtually every major console and handheld that's come out in the last 9-10 years. Including recent additions like the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One X with enhancements. Now, it's getting set for one of the biggest updates in recent memory, The Update Aquatic.


However, as revealed on the Minecraft website, this update is going to mark the end of updates for many versions of the game. The Update Aquatic is set to arrive first on the Java version of the game, then the Xbox One (along with Xbox One X) and Nintendo Switch versions, as well as the mobile and Windows 10 versions of the game. Then, after that, the PlayStation 4 Edition, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS Vita and Wii U versions will all get the Update Aquatic. However, once the update is out on those platforms, the PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, and Wii U versions will stop receiving updates.


If you're curious as to why after all this time they're not going to support these systems anymore, it's actually a logical reason. For apparently, these older systems make up a make 5% of the current Minecraft player base. Which means that 95% reside in the Java, Xbox One, Switch, PS4, Mobile, and Windows 10 versions. So it's not a personal move, it's a business one.


It should be noted that if you have the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions, you'll want to make sure you have updated them to the most recent versions, which will be free on both systems. With this refined viewpoint on what to support, the Minecraft team will be able to work harder on future updates for these systems instead of having to spread around the work to cover all systems.

As for The Update Aquatic itself, this update is going to bring new life to the oceans and waters of the Minecraft world. Ironically enough, it was the players who brought this to the attention of the developers. They wanted to actually do things in the water, which they couldn't before. But with this update, it opens up a lot of new options.


Not the least of which is that there will be more life within the waters of the world. There will be different kinds of biomes that'll house new creatures to the Minecraft world like turtles, dolphins, and more. There will also be materials that will be able to be gotten through journeys underwater.

Also with the update will come an update to the water itself. It will have a new look and texture, a perfect capper to how this update is set to improve many things. 

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