Last year, a week before E3 2017, the Pokemon company revealed that they were going to be making a core Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch. There had been rumors that third game in the Pokemon Sun/Moon series would be coming to Switch via Pokemon Stars, but that's no longer the case. However, since its announcement, there have been no official details concerning the game, and it's left players wanting something, anything, to sink their teeth into.

Which is how many rumors are coming into play. One of the first significant ones was that the Switch title would bring in the 8th generation of Pokemon. Given the popularity of the series and the Switch, this is possible, likely even. However, some rumors aren't so simple. A recent post on PokeJungle cites a man who claims to be on the localization team for Pokemon Switch. He's been "leaking" certain bits of information since February, but his latest rumor is setting the Poke-community on fire. Because he claims that Pokemon Switch will feature a familiar world...but one ravaged by the world.


What does that mean? Well, in one very creepy example, he says that Pallet Town is going to drowned, and players will get to visit it in its drowned state. He posted a "concept art" picture of this with the following text:

"Hundreds of years ago, this submerged town gave birth to one of the most famous trainers of all times. Its name was Pallet Town."

The fact that the sentence says "hundreds of years ago" is enough to give anyone pause. As that means we are quite literally in a new Pokemon World and one that has not been kind since we last saw it. One of the reasons that fans are up in arms about this is that Pallet Town is sacred to them. It's the home of Ash Ketchum from the legendary anime, as well as Red from the games. To see such a thing happen to this town is very emotional for some. To be clear, this is a rumor, it's not confirmed, however, Nintendo has not been afraid to do such things in the past.


A great example of this is The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, and its sequels. That world is a water-logged realm that is literally above the previous land of Hyrule. Fire Emblem has had similarly dark stories, including acts of suicide, murder, world destruction, and more. Even Pokemon has had some dark storylines in the past, including villains who either wanted to drown the world or raze the oceans, so this wouldn't be out of character for them to do such a thing.

The problem here is that it's hard to believe this source. The "concept art" is incredibly basic, and while that is how some game ideas start, we question it here. What's more, until Nintendo gives us any indication either way on what to expect, it's hard to trust any rumors or speculation.

Many feel that E3 2018, which is only a month away, will hold more answers as to what we can expect from the Pokemon Switch title.

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