Last Epoch is an upcoming loot-based action role-playing game about time travel, crafting, and character building that has recently reached its pledged Kickstarter goal. In a world painted with rich lore, you'll travel to four distinct eras and be able to experience the manner in which each individual zone changes throughout the ages, and what the story implications mean for the non-player characters you meet along the way. Each new tidbit of lore should keep you invested in the setting, and provide you with the keen insight you need to properly piece this peculiar world together.


Players will be able to adopt a specific character identity that correlates with various dialogue options, class-specific gear, passive grids, and flavor skills. You will come to realize early on that you’re playing alongside a primalist through noting signature animals helms and nature-oriented attacks. Void Knights, Void Blades, and Necromancers will also be within your reach, which are hard to miss given their undead armies. There are various classes you may choose to begin with and various more that you will be able to interact with as you explore this world. The classes each coin their own aesthetic and given play-styles, but may still undergo deep customization.

Given your autonomy of choices, passive grids, gear, and ability trees, each character will be a direct reflection of the player. The developers over at Eleventh Hour Games encourage players to experiment with their stats and utilize the tools at their disposal to ensure their character feels satisfying. In the sense of any classic action role-playing inspired title, Last Epoch will be simplistic to learn, but difficult to master. Although the overall mechanics are complicated in nature, the depth of play encourages exploration, which will, in turn, allow the obtuse elements to be picked up or learned first-hand.


The planet that you will find yourself inhabiting is that of Eterra, a world of ruin, and entity consumed by the Void. Humanity as a whole has been sequestered underground in order to escape an imminent darkness that is destined to remain in the subterranean city of the Last Refuge. You will adopt the role of one of the few survivors who is able-bodied and entirely willing to take on a potentially impossible task. Finding the means to halt the fate of mankind leads you on a quest for the Epoch, with which you may rewrite the past, and save any much darkness from ever approaching. Given the power of the Epoch, you will be able to traverse through Eterra's history, relive a once dark empire, witness the glory of long-dead gods, and unravel the secret of the Void along the way. With your sword, bow, and magic, you'll be well-equipped to fight to become the hope of your own world.

From the beginning, you'll choose between five base classes that each advance into one of two mastery classes that contain unique abilities. Each class is highly different from one another, but contain their own play-style, backstory, and augment tree. You will contain five skills on your bar at any one time that may be optimized and changed out whenever you feel necessary. This is implemented to ensure that whichever class you pick contains abilities that will bolster your combat experience, meaning mages should stick to spells, and tanks might want to opt for strength attacks, without needing to worry about a cluttered mess of options.


You will be encouraged to trade in currency known as Shattering Stones to customize your gear, improve items, and mend any weapons that have been fractured before they break, among other convenient fixes. You're likely to do a whole lot of looting, so Stones are frequently picked up, alongside various other useful items lingering in the environment. As exploration is taking place, keep a watchful eye out for the plethora of enemies looming throughout, and try to get their play-styles down, as there will be various monster-types that approach you in varying manners. From slinging explosives to teleporting, most enemies must be dealt with in ways unique to their strengths, so adapting is key to survival.

Last Epoch is estimated to release come April 2020 on PC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. If this game seems interesting to you, be sure to check out the trailer below and download the play-test demo directly from their Kickstarter page.

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