When it comes to video games, it's easy to stick with the familiar, and a lot of developers do that, to be honest. But, when it comes time to shake things up, it can lead to bumps in the road. Ubisoft made something very unique and special with The Division when it launched in 2016. Mind you, the game had been teased for years, but when it came out, it was truly unlike any game they had done before. And while that led to a lot of praise, it led to a lot of problems too, ones that they hope to fix in The Division 2.


The story of The Division was simple, there was a smallpox outbreak in Manhattan New York, and the city was quarantined because of it. To that end, a group of sleeper agents called The Division were brought in to help with efforts to maintain the city while everything was worked out. But, when things went wrong, the agents now had to combat crime, fight their own, and try and survive everything that the city threw at them, all the while helping those in need.

Many were surprised when The Division 2 was announced, after all, the game has only been out two years, yet Ubisoft is making a full-on sequel. At the Ubisoft financial briefing, some of the heads of the game talked about why it was important to do a full-on sequel instead of keep patching up the first game.


They noted that it wasn't an easy thing to decide, there were pros and cons to both options. However, what it boiled down to for them was that they wanted to tell more stories set within the universe of The Division. They wanted to expand and do more, and that was only really possible with a true sequel. So, that's what they're doing.

More than that though, they have a unique opportunity here to learn from what happened with the first game and not make those same mistakes with the sequel. All the same, groups are working on The Division 2, and many of the people who worked on the first one are still around. This gives them insight on what to fix, what to add, and more.


Which brings us to content. It's easy to look at The Division now and see it's full of content for players to enjoy, but it wasn't always like that. In fact, much of the best content came through DLC expansions that were released well after launch, including the fan-favorite Survival Mode. Ubisoft promises that when the game is launched, there will be loads of content in it. But, they also said they were going to be doing DLC extensions too, which is fair for a game of this size.

Naturally, the other thing they'll work on is making sure that the game isn't riddled with bugs, and their experience with the first game should help out with that too. Finally, Ubisoft noted that The Division 2 should be out by the end of April 2019 at the latest. So while we may not see something from it in the immediate future, we may not have to wait long to see and learn more.

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