I'll present to you a combination: The creator of Rez and a Tetris game. Single out either side by itself and it's nothing too out of the ordinary, but together, it's quite a fitting combo. Tetsuya Mizuguchi is the famous creator of Rez and Lumines, both being spectacles of light, puzzles, and music all wrapped into really entertaining video games. Mizuguchi has been a really busy fellow, founding and becoming the CEO of company Enhance Games back in 2014. In the time since Enhance's founding, Mizuguchi and the team have focused solely on the past, and bringing it forward in new ways. This started with Rez Infinite in 2016, a remastered version of 2001's Rez, totally playable in VR. As players soon discovered, put an artistic, colorful, musical experience like Rez in VR, and it becomes a whole different experience entirely. Lumines followed up with an announced remaster, which is coming to all platforms later this June. Next up on Enhance's plate is Tetris, in the form of a new game called Tetris Effect.


The name, as described in the reveal trailer for it, is a reference to the effect players can get when playing Tetris for long amounts of time; seeing blocks and puzzles in one's dreams or when closing one's eyes. It's also been called Tetris syndrome. It's an apt descriptor too, as Tetris Effect is Tetris like you've never seen before. As the trailer shows, the game is very similar to Mizuguchi's other works, being a real feast for the eyes and ears. Lights are practically exploding in every shot, and the music used in the trailer really sets the tone. As with Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect will be playable entirely in PlayStation VR, though you can also play it normally too, whichever is preferable.


So how will Tetris Effect be shaking up the gameplay from normal Tetris? As the website describes it, this game will feature multiple different modes with their own unique properties, such as a Marathon mode and Sprint mode. A new mechanic listed is the Zone ability, which effectively lets players freeze time to help them avoid getting a game over. In a constantly moving game like Tetris, it's powerful and can also lead to more rewards. The whole game proper will feature 30 unique stages, with backgrounds and styles that evolve and shape as you play them. This, too, can be gained a feel for in the trailer, though some players won't have to wait long to get their hands on this.


According to Sony, Tetris Effect will be playable at E3, which starts in just a few days and goes on for about a week. There will eventually be a playable demo put out for the public, but there isn't any word on when this will be. Enhance Games is aiming for a late 2018 release as of this time, though this may be subject to change. The platforms weren't revealed, though PlayStation 4 is obviously a given. For those with PS4 Pros, the game will support 4K resolution and 60fps. You can view the trailer below to check out the eye candy for yourself! If you haven't gotten a PlayStation VR yet, maybe now is the perfect time to get one, especially if Sony reveals anything else for it during E3. 

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