The Gorge is the latest addition that has come to indie survival expansion Don't Starve Together. Upon abruptly escaping through Molten Gateway, your survivors will plummet headfirst into ruins that house a sickly city ruled by a ravenous beast. In this co-op and multiplayer adventure, you'll be able to work alongside your team to prepare fine dishes and placate the Eternal Gnaw's hunger to avoid the curse that initially caused that damage that plagues the surrounding. If you manage to cook well enough, you may even be able to find a way home.


This addition begins June 14 and ends July 8, meaning the limited time 3-play challenge will only be around for a bit but is free-to-play with Don’t Starve Together. Your objective will be to cook and offer food to the Altar of Eternal Gnaw, though chances are you will need every cook in the kitchen to maintain its feeding habits. Strategizing alongside your teammates will ensure an ample supply of sustenance for the glutenous beast, so be sure you're not all cooking the same thing or slowing down the process.

Don't Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising wilderness survival adventure of Don't Starve. Thus far, this add-on includes A New Reign: Part 1, which is the first episode of a series of updates. Now that Charlie has taken over, players will come together to experience Reign of Giants, which adds new characters, season, biomes, creatures, and Giant new challenges. This world takes the tense up from the base game up a notch, with a series of unexplored regions that emulate dangers and surprises unlike those you initially learned to master. Resources must still be gathered, and items must be crafted. Players may work together to perfect their survival styles, meaning groups may participate within their comfort levels as they unravel the mysteries regarding the untapped lands.


Multiplayer may be experienced within a privately held game of cooperation alongside friends, or by taking your chances with the stranger online. Either way, players will be working with others to survive the harsh environments, or with the possibility of striking out on your own if your teammates go berserk. Do whatever it takes to survive, while, most importantly, not starving.

Initially, players adopt the role of Wilson, who is an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon who has transported you to a wilderness filled with magic. Within time, you'll learn the fundamentals that come with exploiting the environment around you. The woods, while untethered, contain various inhabitants who may aid in your survival so long as you understand how to properly enlist in their aid. Your end game is always to find your way back home.


The world you are thrust into contains no instructors, aid, or hand-holding. Like the toughest of crafting adventures, you'll begin with nothing and are expected to farm or fight for survival. The worlds and individual maps are randomly generated, meaning a new landscape may be generated at any time. The only catch is that you’ll need to die first, and then begin again from scratch.

The beta for The Gorge begins next week, so be sure to check out the new content if it seems interesting.

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