Stardew Valley developer shows off multiplayer featuring LAN gameplay with other players. The upcoming multiplayer feature for the game is still under heavy development. In the photo shared on Twitter, you can see four players working on same crops. You can build houses near each other when you’re a farmhand helping your friends with their farm.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer


According to the tweet, the game will not only support online multiplayer, it will also support the ability to play with a LAN connection as well. The developer of Stardew Valley says “It still needs some work, but the underlying network code is solid”. This makes it sound like the multiplayer mode is close to being completed.

Some of the multiplayer features:

  • You can bring farmhands into an existing save.
  • It supports online and LAN multiplayer.
  • Supports up to 4 players per game.
  • Allows you to build up to 3 cabins for your farmhands.
  • Farmhands can do almost anything the main player can do.
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