Mashups are inherently fun and open up a wide range of possibilities for new ideas. Mutant Year Zero, a new game coming from smaller developer The Bearded Ladies, knows this. If you haven't heard of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden yet, that's likely because there's only been one trailer for it, which was shown off just a few months ago. That's now changed with the passing of E3 this year, and the new gameplay trailer is set to show you just what this game is all about. Take a blender, toss in the tactical gameplay of XCOM, mutant anthropomorphic animals ala Beyond Good and Evil, and deep exploration of a post-human Earth, blend it all together, and this game is what pops out. Intrigued yet?


Something many players may not know is that Mutant Year Zero is based on an old-school paper and pen tabletop RPG from Sweden in the 1980s, known as Mutant. This tabletop game eventually got translated and sent over to the states in 2015, re-branded as Mutant Year Zero. The lore and ideas behind this game inspired the Bearded Ladies team to fashion a video game out of it. The real carryover from this inspiration is the depth of choice and role-playing within Mutant Year Zero, and it combines it all around a fun looking combat system and semi-realistic looking art style. The game is a post-apocalyptic story, centering around three main characters who are on the search for something called Eden. Dux and Bormin are exactly what animals you'd expect them to be, while Selma is a human with the ability to turn her skin into stone.


The bulk of the gameplay is split evenly between exploration and combat. The world is rich and full of things to explore around every nook and cranny. The combat is turned based and tactical, but unlike its XCOM inspiration, battles happen seamlessly. You'll encounter an enemy while exploring, the battle will begin in that area, in which you can use the environment to your advantage alongside the mutants' unique special skills. Once combat is finished, you simply go back to exploring. In most games like these, including Mario Rabbids, combat takes place in specific zones, so the decision to make it more seamless in Mutant Year Zero provides a genuine mix between two different gameplay types. You won't just be limited to the initial three characters either; you'll meet plenty more during your journey, all of whom are just as bizarre.


While a lot of games shown off this E3 are set to release in 2019, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden will launch sometime later this year, with no specific date yet. Once it does, you'll be able to play it on either PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Windows PC! It will be sold in two flavors: The Standard Edition for $34.99, and the Deluxe Edition for $54.99. The deluxe version comes with the usual things like an artbook and soundtrack, but also gives you a digital copy of the tabletop RPG, Mutant, that the whole project centered around. If you pre-order, you'll get to play the game sooner with beta access and a three-day early start! You can view the new gameplay trailer below, which is about a minute and a half and highlights the various things discussed above. The game also has an official website for pre-ordering.

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