The Scalawags Pack has made it to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and includes new additions to player flagships. The newest downloadable content comes in the form of a free update that adds three recruitable crew members and various ship upgrades. Ships may be upgraded by utilizing seven of the new customizable additions that allow players to include sails, cannons, and anchors throughout the game.

A handful of bug fixes are also included to the pack, which are designed to patch some minor imperfections before a large patch is released in the near future. The major issues that were mended thus far include the client no longer crashing when players choose to quit to desktop and a fix to the Mac build. Crew members may now heal properly when they are in the resting crew slot, so long as medical supplies remain adequate.


The user interface has also been altered, with the news feed no longer including clips of the title screen menu upon quitting. Ship and store results now handle scaling of text size better, and the layering of the user interface has been mended in various other places. The three new crew members may be altered in a new appearance customization screen, which has been fixed to no longer scale down when juggling smaller resolutions. Other additions include fixes to dwarf bodies, lightning issues, and main menu sound effects.

The new content will house three different quests for players to unravel and take on. Most of the new missions require players to have completed or begun quests unique to the base game, meaning this downloadable content is designed to appeal to those who have completed the majority of the base game.


For those unfamiliar with Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, the role-playing fantasy title presents isometric design and a story-rich world. Players adopt the role of a captain of a ship bound toward a dangerous voyage of discovery across the vastly unexpected archipelago region of Deadfire. Detailed character customization is available from the start, the world is entirely free to explore, and meaningful choices await at every turn.

Deadfire brings the foundation of classic D&D gameplay to the series, with vastly improved graphics, detailed gameplay mechanics, and a newly realized hand-crafted adventure that shifts the importance of the story toward player-based decisions.


This new region contains lands that consist usually of exotic islands of the archipelago region, with quests often arising after discussing with the land's inhabitants. To aid players during their exploration, a custom party may be generated from seven different factions. They may be assigned multiple classes, and each may learn various abilities. The companion system allows players to interact directly with their party, allowing personal relationships to be viable through their companions.

The latest patch and additional content is now available to download at no additional cost for those who own Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Many users faced difficulty when initially installing the game, and should look to the Steam comments for instructions if they encounter any issues.

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