Drakkhen, the 3D western role-playing classic, has finally made its way to Linux on GOG.

Initially developed by Amiga and Atari ST before being ported to various consoles, including the Super Nintendo, Drakkhen has been well-revered for its battle system that requires little involvement from the player. Its attention to detail, ranging from its hybrid approach to implementing vectors and bitmaps scaling algorithms, have granted the title a spot in the classic role-playing genre after its initial release in 1989. As GOG has long specialized in titles that are often times foreign to mainstream audiences, this addition is bound to call to old and new fans alike.


The storyline follows a player who is trapped in a magical world that is slowly fading away upon the slaying of a dragon. The warrior who performed the final blow gained the reputation of being willfully selfish and lived during an era in which humanity was decimated by the hand of a plague. After time had passed, a ship attempts to settle on a patch of land that once belonged to the dragon’s corpse, which they soon realize is claimed, as they are attacked by foes who were initially unseen from their perspective.


The relentless foes are revealed to be lizard-people who evolved from a set of ancient dragons and became the dominant force of the island. Their initial mission to assassinate all newcomers was unsuccessful, however, as four survivors surmounted from the attack, and all vowed to stick together. They understood that to return to their homeland, they must escape the island they have become trapped in.

As the story begins to unravel, players will come to realize that the royalty who commands the island takes the side of the newcomers, with little hesitation. It’s soon after that a mission begins to divulge that will initiate a civil revolution.


The gameplay consists of players traveling freely across the island, with various deadly creatures awaiting in inconspicuous corners. Combat against adversaries occurs as players are stationary, in a style similar to that of Final Fantasy, where the choice to fight or flee may be taken. Dangers are more likely to grow in prominence at night, or when stellar constellations are aligned.

The player takes command of the four surviving explorers, meaning they house a plethora of skills, ranging from spellcasting, intelligence, agility, fortune, to knowledge, alongside various others. Each one of the party members must fulfill one of four roles, ranging from a wizard, warrior, priest, or scout. These all possessing differing strengths and play-styles, which players may adopt as they see fit.


A large portion of gameplay has players traversing between castling, and carrying out many missions that contain political twists that are attributed to the royalty on the island. Players may explore the island without the pursuit of a mission, though serious setbacks may await those who wander off the beaten path, so it’s often best to stay towards a common objective.

Drakkhen may be purchased on Linux for $5.99 on GOG now.

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