RPG fans all across the globe are eagerly awaiting the release of The World Ends With You: Final Remix. Rather than just a simple remastered re-release, Final Remix is bringing a whole lot of new things to the table to make The World Ends With You a fresh and exciting experience for both newcomers and veteran fans. Square Enix recently revealed more about the upcoming title, providing new screenshots to showcase its improved visuals alongside details with how it will play and be improved on the Nintendo Switch's multiple play styles. All of the forthcoming information has been handily translated by Gematsu, so read on if you're a fan of TWEWY, the Switch, or RPGs in general.


For those who don't know, The World Ends With You was originally a 2007 Nintendo DS game, making its initial release a baffling eleven years ago. At the time, its stylistic visuals were astoundingly great for a Nintendo DS title, all sported by Kingdom Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura's art style. TWEWY eventually got an updated re-release for mobile phones between 2012-2014. It was the same base game, but with sleeker, clearer updated visuals and a refined combat system that had to sacrifice the dual screen combat from the DS original. The Switch version, as seen in the latest screenshots and from prior trailers, maintains that newer look but with even higher fidelity on Switch. Not only do the characters look newer, but backgrounds and menus have all gotten a cleaner visual overhaul. Alongside these tweaks, the audio has all been improved in nearly every facet. Remixed and new music, along with updated sound effects and voices, makes the experience feel really new. Fans who love the original OST can switch between new and old at any time.


Gameplay has naturally been shifted to allow for comfortable play on Nintendo Switch. Due to Switch having both a handheld and TV mode, TWEWY: Final Remix adapts its gameplay to whichever style you're currently using. When using handheld mode, the game plays more similarly to its DS counterpart, supporting the same touch screen battle and navigation controls from it. In the original game, battles would be split between the top and bottom screens of the DS, with buttons controlling the top screen and touch controls controlling the bottom. Since Final Remix sports the updated combat from the mobile versions, the dual screen feature won't see a return here, but at least handheld mode is a close similarity. In TV or Table mode, you play the game using the Joy-Con pointers. A unique twist sees the introduction of two-player co-op battles, where each player gets their own Joy-Con.


Final Remix will, most excitingly, feature a brand new story scenario that expands off the story from the base game. New Reapers, Noise, and characters are all featured in this new scenario, but not much else is known about it yet (which is probably for the best). The World Ends With You: Final Remix is slated for a Fall release window in the States and Europe, though Japanese fans will get to play it sooner on September 27th. Similarly, a limited edition version was announced for Japan, with no word yet on a Western release of it. It features the game, a bag, soundtrack CD, art book, Switch stylus pen, stickers, and a Neku stand. Watch out for eventual news on the finalized release date, and make sure to check out the latest trailer for the game below! All of the details and images can be viewed in full detail on Gematsu.


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