Unsung Warriors takes the 2D side-scrolling action-platformer and does something that hasn't been done before - sets it in the iron age of Europe. The game mixes a more traditional gaming fantasy setting with European folk tales to create a different vibe. It features not only single-player action but local couch co-op with two players. The game's environments are diverse, with things like gloomy, skull-filled dungeon settings showcasing just as much beauty as a dimly-lit town at night. You have a variety of different weapons to choose from with things like short-range swords offering up more damage with a fairly quick swipe, while longer-range items like the bow and arrow do less damage, but are safer to use because they don't put you as close to enemies.


Unsung Warriors promises to deliver a large world to explore - resulting in you not only getting new allies but also finding things like weapons and items in the wild. This means that exploration will be rewarded with the ability to topple enemies in an easier and/or faster manner depending on just what you find in the world. If you can't find something, you can always buy it in a store - so while money may be a way to get by, saving it by finding things is a great strategy. It allows you to focus on finding weapons in the world, buts pending money on defensive things like better shields and armor - or vice versa.

With its open-ended design, you have a lot of flexibility in how you want to handle the game's challenges. On Linux, Windows, and Mac players can look forward to full controller support alongside rumble - but those wanting touchscreen support or keyboard support will be happy as both other methods will be supported too. In order to showcase how good their game is, the devs have put up a prologue to the main adventure in a playable demo - allowing you to explore a crypt. in it, you have the ability to try out the game's mechanics and in a neat little gimmick, see the game's Kickstarter goals be achieved in real-time via a tree. The tree's roots allow the tree to grow based on the game's increased funding - offering up a neat little way to see how well the game is doing within the game's world.


Unsung Warriors shows great promise and its budgetary goals are fairly minimal. The game's rewards are reasonably-priced too, with $5 and above getting you a place in the game's scroll area where names are added after they back. For $12, you get that plus a copy of the game. At $25, you get that plus your name in the final credits and beta access - so this is a solid value if you want to see the game's progress in real-time. Those wanting something tangible can spend $100 and get a physical and digital artbook, while $50 gets you a digital artbook and all prior tiers. Unsung Warriors has a goal of around $34,000 and is at around $3,000 as of this writing. A demo for the game is available now on Steam and GameJolt.

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