Pokemon has been on the minds of many people as of late, and for a variety of different reasons. But one of the biggest reasons was that a while ago, Nintendo dropped a lot of information on upcoming Pokemon titles for various systems. They announced Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee for the Nintendo Switch, coming this November. They then confirmed that the core Pokemon title also coming to Switch was still being worked on, and it would come out in 2019. But then, Nintendo revealed a game called Pokemon Quest, and it wasn't coming, it was released that day for mobile platforms.


Now, unlike previous Pokemon mobile games, Pokemon Quest was an entirely different beast when it came to gameplay. The visual style is similar to Minecraft, as everything is block-shaped, and while you are allowed to "catch" Pokemon in the game, you do so by making food via recipes and trying to lure them to you. In fact, recipes are pretty much the biggest gameplay element of the title. You'd think that this would lead to very slow profit, but as revealed, that's not the case.


In its first week alone, Pokemon Quest brought in over $3 million dollars combined between the iOS and Android versions. Funnily enough, the iOS version brought in more than half of the revenue, that's possibly because iOS players could play it on a tablet, and that could've led to more fun, it's hard to say. Not surprisingly, the biggest region for the game in terms of revenue was Japan. This isn't a surprise not only because Japan is the home of Pokemon, but the mobile gaming market there is huge, and with the title being free-to-play, it's easy to jump in, test it out, and see if you wish to continue it.


The success of Pokemon Quest puts another feather in the cap of Nintendo and their drive to make more mobile titles featuring their best IPs. While technically not made by Nintendo, they are associated with it, and thus it brings them Clout

. This also marks the second highly successful Pokemon mobile title to release in the last few years, following the epic success of Pokemon GO.


What will be curious though is how the game does going forward. As noted, the revenue was from the first week, when many were trying out the game to see what it was like. If it continues like this, it'll be a resounding success for all companies involved. But that'll depend on both the player base and how the game evolves over time. Pokemon GO had a big dropoff after its first few weeks, and developer Niantic had to slowly improve the game to win much of the fanbase back.

Nintendo itself has been very quiet as of late in terms of what their next major mobile title will be. They have announced Mario Kart Tour, but they haven't elaborated on that since its announcement. We'll just have to see what is revealed next, and when.

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