Gravity Rush 2 has been going through some tough times this year. The cult hit released early last year as a sequel to 2012's Gravity Rush. Despite lukewarm critical reception and sales, the game proved to be a popular hit with fans of the first game, drawing in new players alongside them. However, after only a year and a half of being released, Sony plans on shutting down the game's online servers for good, likely as a response to the poor sales. What's even crazier is that this isn't their first attempt to do so; the company was going to shut down the servers on January 18th, a mere year after its release. At the time, fans of the game rallied around in support of it online, managing to push the shutdown to July 18th instead. Now that the time is close, the effort has begun anew, alongside a reasonable fallback plan if Sony doesn't want to comply.


Gravity Rush 2 featured all sorts of new additions to gameplay in comparison to the former, but one of the most expansive new features were the online functions. Set in a large open world, players could discover many things left by others and interact with them. Challenges could be sent to other players to complete and beat the records of, photos could be dropped and viewed and rated by the community, and mock-treasure hunts could be set up by leaving a photo clue for players to find treasure chests. It was all an integral part of the fun and sense of community in Gravity Rush 2, and a feature that resonated positively with its player base. If the server shutdown happens, none of these features will be usable anymore. The reward for interacting with these things came in the form of Dusty Tokens, a currency that could be used to buy in-game items and cosmetics not available by any other means. The Token system and its rewards will also see the axe if the servers go.


The start of the new campaign was posted on Gravity Rush fansite Gravityrushcentral, where they made a very strong and compelling argument for the servers to stay. As those familiar with online games know, servers usually stay up for a few years at the very least, allowing new players to experience the online functionality for a decent portion of its life cycle. A year and a half is a very abrupt halt, and as the numbers show, new fans are still joining the game to this day in quite significant numbers. These players won't get to experience any of the above features whatsoever, which can be seen as largely unfair. The fanbase is getting to work by politely protesting on social media, making posts with the tag #DontForgetGravityRush at various key Twitter accounts associated with the game and Sony.


If you're a fan of the Gravity Rush series and don't want to see the online functionality get tossed so soon, make sure to join the movement yourself and make some posts. If Sony chooses not to listen this time, the community has a backup plan to at least ask that the Dusty Token items be all unlocked for new players, and that treasure chests appear more frequently offline. That way, even if the online fun can't be had, the items will still be available. July 18th is only about a week away, so everyone will be keeping a close eye on what Sony does next. If you want to get into the Gravity Rush games, the first game is available on PlayStation Vita, or in remastered form on PlayStation 4. Gravity Rush 2, meanwhile, is exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can view the full information behind the movement on Gravityrushcentral's post! Hopefully, the online community gets to stay afloat after all.


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