Albion Online will soon welcome a new update that brings reimagined UI, an overcharge system, and customization options to the fantasy sandbox MMORPG. This update, called Merlyn, stands as the fourth major post-release content update and will go live at the end of the month.

An all-new faction warfare system will bring new life to the Royal Continent, and will immediately become available to players of all levels. Players may join by finding a recruiter in their chosen city. The journey will begin when players are set out into an open world to gather resources, claim outposts, earn unique rewards, and rise through the ranks if they succeed on their quests.


A complete redistribution of open world resources will offer crafting and refining bonuses to industrious transporters as enchanted resources nodes will be more prevalent near the Royal Cities. As the cities have become more independent of each other, they have grown their own biomes, which elicit bonuses that are based on materials that are rare or unique to their starting location. These stand as bonuses that offer new economic opportunities for those who look to transport goods throughout the dangerous wilds of Albion, though, success only arrives to those who make it out unscathed.


Items found, made, or collected may now be overcharged during combat, which will allow for a power boost that occurs for a limited time. This new ability may put players in the mid-tier gear range, which puts all players on more even grounds with one another. This addition will add another dimension to combat and is set to allow smaller guilds or groups to compete with larger ones. The only disadvantage that comes with this ability is its ease of being overcharged, which causes items to break if players become over-encumbered.

The latest marketplace UI has been reworked to allow for a more streamlined experience and provide clarity in regards to the overcharge system that brings a new combat cycle to Albion. An average price display will be added, which is now based on sales rather than offers, and an in-depth sales history will be listed for each item at a given location. These tools have been implemented to offer greater insight to players who are looking to grow fortunes individually.


Players may test how their skills have improved by traversing to the latest dungeon. Stoneroots Caverns is the newest T5 group dungeon and brings redistribution to the Outland Dungeons. The caverns derive from a vast network of caves where Keeper Druids guard a sapling that belongs to an ancient tree unit. Players are expected to fight through hordes of scouts before entering through a giant pit that holds the bloodthirsty chieftain and a powerful boss who has found exile behind a massive stone arena. The underground caverns are considered sacred by many, which may require players to operate more carefully.

Those interested in the latest update may experience it for free come July 31. Albion Online may be purchased on PC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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