We Happy Few is a game that many will recall shown during the past couple of E3s. It's a survival adventure game developed by indie studio Compulsion Games, and after all the many years of development teases and trailers and Early Access, it's finally time for the game to come out in full. It's only a few days away now, in fact, but Compulsion Games has had more to share on the whole project. Taking to their official website, the developer revealed that we can expect multiple post-launch contents for We Happy Few, including some new story-related stuff and an expansive sandbox mode that has a lot of options. Those who were on the fence about We Happy Few may be especially interested in hearing this news.


We Happy Few has been in Early Access on Windows PC since mid-2016, showcasing the brunt of the gameplay to prospective players. While originally the game was envisioned as more of a procedurally generated roguelike experience, Compulsion Games switched gears and made the full game a much more narrative-heavy experience, as showcased in its recent E3 trailer. The game is semi-open world and has players doing whatever they can to survive in We Happy Few's creepy dystopian society. Everyone, there is blinded by a mysterious drug called Joy, and it serves as the crux of the game's story. There are numerous survival elements that players have to maintain, including resting, eating, and drinking. The post-launch Sandbox Mode will be very similar to what the Early Access version of the game is, allowing players to do what they want and play with what they want. Numerous settings can be tweaked in this mode, including the size of the world and who you play as.


For those who prefer the story-related content, this news doesn't let down in that department. We Happy Few will be receiving three story episodes as a part of the game's season pass. You can purchase the season pass either with the Deluxe Edition or separately. Once bought, you'll eventually gain access to this trio of content! Roger and James in: They Came From Below, Lightbearer, and We All Fall Down. The descriptions for these episodes are provided on Compulsion's official website, and all three promise many adventures and mysteries to be had. Since the game already has this much post-launch content planned, it's possible there will be even more further on in its life cycle.


The bad news is that there's no solid release date for the content yet; neither the episodes nor the Sandbox Mode. That said, it's something we can all look forward to while enjoying the main game, which is only a few days away from release now. We Happy Few comes out on August 10th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. As Microsoft revealed at their E3 press conference, they acquired Compulsion Games (along with many other studios) in order to help support them in their development efforts. It's likely helped boost We Happy Few's quality and resources by quite a lot and assures a strong presence on Xbox One. For the full details behind the post-launch content, check out Compulsion's website. For those who are just in the mood for a good trailer, you can view We Happy Few's E3 2018 trailer just below here! Stay happy.

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