Earlier in the week, Nintendo revealed that they were going to be having a Super Smash Bros Ultimate focused Nintendo Direct, one that would reveal new gameplay features, and likely would reveal new characters. This instantly got the attention of the gaming world, and now with the Direct over it's clear that Nintendo knew what gamers wanted to see and more because the Direct was loaded with content from top to bottom.

First off, the Direct revealed a new character in the form of Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series. He's sporting a customized look for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but his moveset is purely from the game. He'll have his classic whip the Vampire Killer, along with his ax, his Holy Water (Which makes people burn), his Cross, and more. He's a very unique character and one that feels right at home in Ultimate. But that's not all, Richter, also from Castlevania is entering the game as an Echo character (similar moves, different looks, and animations). And as if that wasn't enough Castlevania for the game, Dracula's Castle will be a stage, and Alucard (son of Dracula) is going to be an Assist Trophy in the title. Furthermore, 34 different Castlevania tracks will be playable for the stage.


Next, two more Echo fighters were confirmed via Dark Samus from Metroid and Chrom from Fire Emblem Heroes. According to Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct Masahiro Sakurai, these two were highly-requested characters and ones that will have some slightly different moves from their main counterparts. Also, Sakurai revealed that Echo characters can have their own character slot, or be stacked and swapped with their counterparts.

Moving onto stages, Sakurai revealed more stages that would be returning to the game and unveiled some new ones like New Donk City, and one from the Monster Hunter series. In total, there are (at present) 103 stages in the game, but with the variants on them, it actually goes up to over 300. Ultimate is going to be a game that gives you a lot of freedom to pick your perfect setting, so you'll actually be able to turn off all stage hazards to ensure a "clean fight". And, if you want some more action and flavor, you can set the match to alternate between two selected stages as the fight progresses. Finally, all stages will be available from the beginning.


Music was the next topic, and Sakurai showed that there are over 900 musical tracks in the game all things considered. And you'll be able to once again pick and choose which of the game's music plays on certain levels. In fact, all music has been divided into their franchises (where applicable) so that it's easy to find them and select which ones you want to hear. Putting the Switch's portability to use, Nintendo has also made it so you can listen to the music on the go while the screen is off.

Nintendo did indeed show off some new gameplay features, including a brand new "Smash Meter". Players will get this filled up as they battle, and when it's full, they can unleash a lesser version of a Final Smash Attack. Sakurai feels this will help make battles even more intense, though he assures players that only one Final Smash can be unleashed at a time.


New modes are also being put into the game, one of the biggest ones being "Squad Strike". Here, you'll be able to have 3v3 and 5v5 elimination matches, either by yourself or with friends and rivals online. Tournament Mode is coming back, and you'll be able to fight 32 players online, or, set how many CPU players you want in them as well. There's another new mode in the game called Smashdown, and in it, players will select fighters and battle, but then after that battle, those characters won't be able to be used again. It'll be the ultimate test of versatility. Training Mode has been overhauled, as now you'll be able to better measure your characters skills and abilities based on how damaged they are.

Also coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a series of new Items, Assist Trophies, and Pokemon. For Items, there's a Banana that can shoot a single round, the Killing Edge from Fire Emblem, which does more damage when it glows, Death's Scythe, which will instantly KO players with a lot of damage, and more. For Assist Trophies, Zero from Mega Man, Knuckles from Sonic, Krystal from Star Fox, the Moon from Majora's Mask, and Rathalos from Monster Hunter were all shown. Pokemon wise, you can find Ditto, Abra, Solgaleo, Lunala, Vulpix and Exeggutor in their Alolan forms and many more.


Sakurai promised that there would be more reveals to come, including new characters and a new mode of battle. But before they left, Nintendo dropped one more trailer, they revealed that King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64 will be making his long-awaited debut. King K. Rool is a massive fighter and uses punches, cannonballs, and even his own stomach as a weapon.

It's clear Nintendo had a distinct plan for this Nintendo Direct, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate has never been more anticipated with this. Time will tell who else gets in and who will be left out, but most gamers agree, December 7th can't come fast enough.

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