In what seems to be a busy week for Square Enix, one of their upcoming titles has finally gotten some time in the spotlight. Hear that? Ah, yes, it's The Quiet Man. For those who didn't catch the company's very brief E3 showcase this past June, you may be wondering what this is all about. Square Enix slipped in a little teaser trailer for this game amidst all their trailers of already existing properties. The trailer showed a young man in a hoodie making his way towards a couple of violent thugs in what appears to be New York City. The trailer starts out in live action but then swaps to in-game graphics as the man beats the guys up. Cue title drop and a promise of more to come in August. That promise has finally been fulfilled, as Square provided new screenshots, story/gameplay info, and a full live stream to show off the game. 


The story of The Quiet Man takes place over the course of 'a single night'. Most interestingly, this has gameplay implications, as the website states that you can complete the experience in one sitting, which was later revealed to be about 3 hours. For this reason, it begs the question of if there will be multiple things to play through the game for. It puts players in the role of Dane, a deaf man, who is investigating a kidnapping committed by a man in a bird mask. As the first trailer implied, the game indeed takes place in New York City, providing a nice backdrop for its dark and gritty themes and style. Some of the other characters got named too, such as Ash, Marcelo, Peter, Taye, and the kidnapped songstress Lala.


The gameplay in The Quiet Man is split between exploration/investigation and hand-to-hand combat. Dane can use his heightened other senses to discover clues in his ongoing investigation into the kidnapping. Naturally, this is bound to get him into a lot of trouble with dangerous groups. Combat is a third-person beat-em-up, similar to the likes of games like Yakuza and Shenmue. A large emphasis is put on the cinematic flare even while in combat, as Dane can unleash flexible maneuvers to dodge and counter his assailants. Probably the most unique thing about the gameplay, however, it’s on-the-fly switching between live action and game graphics. As demonstrated both in the E3 trailer and the new live stream, The Quiet Man often delves into live action cutscenes and cinematics that seamlessly transition from CG gameplay back to live action and vice versa. It's an interesting route to take, as most games don't incorporate live action; it was more common to see in older titles. All of these features give The Quiet Man a very movie-like feel, which is what the developers stated they're aiming for.

Outside of these new details, footage, and screenshots, we still know nothing about when we can expect The Quiet Man to come out. When it does, it will be available on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam. Producer Fujinaga Kensei recently revealed on the official Twitter account that it will only cost $14.99, due to its 3-hour length. The game even has its own Steam page already too. If you're intrigued, you can view either the E3 trailer above here or the gameplay live stream just below. Keep in mind that the live stream is currently Japanese only, as Square hasn't provided any English translations or captions. Even so, it's good to see some actual gameplay for a change. Don't forget to check out the game's official website either! I'm sure we'll hear more about The Quiet Man as this year rolls onwards.

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