“Inmost” is a recently announced puzzle platformer game that is being developed by a relatively small two-person studio Hidden Layer Games. The studio was founded in 2010 and was originally operating remotely out of two different locations Kyiv, Ukraine and Zverevo, Russia. Due to rising tensions between the two countries, Hidden Layer Games relocated to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania in 2016, which is where the team is headquartered today. The studio has a few games under its belt, mostly mobile and small indie games such as “Back to Candyland,” “Back to Zombieland,” and “Funnymals.” Inmost seems to be Hidden Layer Games most ambitious game to date. Chucklefish, a studio known for releasing well-known games like “Starbound” and having their hands in other big games such as the very successful “Stardew Valley” and “Pathway” announced the new game on August 16th. The game is described by the company as an “atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer.” A two-minute trailer came with the announcement and you can watch that below. 


The trailer has an ominous feeling and a suspenseful track that really helps the trailer feel even more mysterious and spooky. In the trailer, Hidden Layer Games and Chucklefish show off the games unique 2D artwork and backgrounds that make the game's graphics really pop and gives the immersion of depth and life in both the background and the foreground. The game has you follow three different characters in the interconnecting story driven world. The characters all have their own distinct styles of gameplay which should keep the game constantly feeling fresh and exciting. Some of the characters that are shown off in the trailer are a very young girl, a man who looks to be about middle-aged and some sort of knight. The Inmost website states that there is a family involved in the middle of the plot and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. The setting for the game is an abandoned castle with a lot of nooks and crannies that the player must fully explore to avoid being detected and to survive the evil that haunts the inside of the castle. The game's trailer also does a good job at showing off some of the unique enemies and techniques for the player to learn so that they can take down or escape those enemies.


The game is said to release sometime in 2019 but it was not specified if it was early or late 2019. The game still has plenty of time to grow and I am sure there will be more trailers and information to come in the very near future. No price has currently been announced for the game and no platforms have been specified for Inmost either. The information we have on the game is very limited so far but if you would like to see detailed information on Inmost you can check out their official website. Stay tuned for any updates!

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