When it comes to certain genres of video games, there are certain titles that are revered above all others. For example, when it comes to the strategy-RPG genre, most people look to Final Fantasy Tactics as the end all be all of the genre. Though others would argue that Fire Emblem is just as good. Still, for those who want another Final Fantasy Tactics game, and think that Square Enix will never deliver it, you might want to help the developer 6 Eyes Studio help make their game Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark an even better game.


Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is called by many a "spiritual successor" to the Final Fantasy Tactics game, and it impressed enough people to get on Kickstarter and be fully funded, which is no mean feat for video games. Regardless though, it's now gone from the funded stage of Kickstarter to the Early Access Stage of Steam, showing just how much development has been put into it.

For those who are unaware, the Steam Early Access program is a way for developers to release a part of their game, usually an alpha or a beta, and then have gamers test it out to see what errors or bugs they can find. Then, the developers will continue to improve the Early Access version until they feel comfortable with releasing it.


Though it sounds elaborate, this service has allowed many games to grow and thrive over the years, including titles like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and numerous other games too.

As for Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, their Steam Early Access version is actually rather robust. It features 21 story missions and 30 side missions, which is a lot for an Early Access RPG. No doubt 6 Eyes Studio is aiming to get a lot of feedback before they even think about launching the full title. In case you're wondering, that is about half the content of the game roughly. The developer has noted that in about six months (where they hope the game's launch window will be), they'll have 20+ more story missions and loads more sidequests.


The story of Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is as follows. In their world, there was a mighty beast, and this beast tried to destroy all that it laid its eyes on. With such power, no one could oppose it. That is, until the Immortals rose up, and used incredible abilities to slay the creature and save the world. To ensure such destruction wouldn't happen again, they made a council and oversaw the world. But, because of their numbers, they couldn't watch over everything, and so they made agents in the form of Arbiters. The Arbiters rule with absolute law and order, and it is they who cleanse the land of evil. But one Arbiter finds out that the order is corrupt, and she must find a way to purge it before the land falls into disarray once again.

The game is available to play on Steam Early Access, or, you can try a free demo via Itch.io.

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