When it comes to legendary game developers in the industry, Peter Molyneux is a very interesting case. On one hand, he's responsible for the very popular franchise, like the first three Fable games. However, he's also known as a guy who has many big ideas but doesn't always fulfill the promise of them, like with the Fable franchise. Still, he's a very popular guy, and he now runs 22Cans, which brought a game, The Trail: Frontier Challenge, to the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. Famitsu decided to do an interview with him a while back and see what his thoughts were on the popular system.


He was first asked about the hardware of the Switch itself, and Molyneux noted that he was really impressed with the system. He also went on to praise The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, calling it a "unique game" and that he really loves it. Molyneux also took a moment to talk about the indie gaming scene on the system: "I think it’s great that the Switch is being supported by so many indie developers. This helps to secure the future for publishers and developers, and is also helping promote the development of innovative technologies."

In fact, it was his love of the Nintendo Switch that led to him bring The Trail: Frontier Challenge to the system, and that system alone. He felt that the biggest thing about the Switch was the fact that console games can now be played virtually anywhere, and he wanted that portability aspect to The Trail. But, he also wanted versatility with the game, so he made sure that the game could be played with one or two Joy-Cons as well as being able to use the touch screen to play the game.


Molyneux then talked about how he went through the process of making The Trail: Frontier Challenge with his team. He originally had a really high concept for the game, which is part for the course when Peter Molyneux is involved, but he decided to trim it down. Apparently, he wanted a game on mobile devices (that's where it launched on) where players could share their worlds with each other. But, as he learned, that was a big ask for a mobile game, so he didn't do it. However, he still wanted to keep the "American Frontiersman" as the theme of the game, and so he focused on that and went forward.


In regards to a potential sequel for The Trail, Molyneux seems pretty up for it. He notes that the reason for this is that the game between mobile platforms, PC, and Switch has updated so much that the possibility of a sequel is very likely. Just as important this proves that there are people playing the game, whether it be on mobile, PC, or Switch.

What will be interesting to watch as time goes on is if Molyneux decides to bring another game to the Switch, maybe a grander scale one like he likes to do. He clearly loves the system, so it goes to reason that he might want to continue working on it.

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