During last week’s Nintendo direct, Toadette and Nabbit were announced as two of the new playable characters—the returning playable characters being Mario, Luigi, Toad—in New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, which is a “deluxe” version of the Wii U game that came out back in 2012. Nabbit’s special ability will be to not take any damage from enemies, making Nabbit a great character for children to play so that they can get the hang of the game without dying from the enemies attacking them. On the other hand, weirdly enough, Toadette will be able to transform into Peach, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, by picking up a certain mushroom called the “Super Crown.” Well, not exactly Princess Peach, per say- she is called “Peachette.”


Peachette is basically a mix of Princess Peach and Toadette. She looks almost exactly like Peach; the only differences are that she has Toadette’s pigtails, she is slightly shorter in height, she has dark grey eyes (while Peach has blue), and she has a different dress than Peach. However, Peachette does closely resemble Peach, and she has one of Peach’s signature abilities- floating with the skirt of her dress. This is where fan theories come into place.

Ever since Toadette was revealed to have the ability to resemble Peach, or in their case, “turn into” Peach, people have been questioning the lore of the Mario series. For example, people have wondered if Toadette is actually Peach- or if Peach used to be a toad, and the crown she wears keeps her in her human form. People went far enough to explain their theories in depth, making them almost believable.


Speaking of the theory of Peach actually being a toad- that one there might interest you the most. You know how there is a Toad at the end of every castle in the classic Mario games, and then Princess Peach happens to be in a different castle every time? Well, because of these facts, several fans suggested that Peach was always in the last castle all along and that all the toads in the other castles were just using her crown to turn into Peach. Crazy, right? This theory could almost make the cut, but it is missing details and seems a little too farfetched. Why would the toads be tricking Mario?

As for Toadette and Peach being the same person, that one may be a little unlikely, too. However, Toadette and Peach have never had any interactions in any of the main games besides racing and party games, which aren’t necessarily canon (except the story portions). Still.


There are several other theories out there that may or may not ever be answered, and that may or may not be true. One of the other more popular theories is that Peach is that Toadette is just a double for Peach. Another says that all humans are just “Super Shroomed Toads,” and that Toadette is Peach’s twin sister, whom would also be a toad, with a different hairstyle. It would make sense if Peach were originally a toad because of the “Brothers Legend.” Not to mention, she was first known as “Princess Toadstool,” and then “Princess Peach Toadstool.”

Anywho, only time can tell if any of the fan theories are true. However, Nintendo could have just added “Peachette” as another playable character just to have another character that appeals to their desired audience with no deep meaning behind it at all. If you’re wondering why in the world the character would be someone closely resembling Peach rather than Peach herself, well, the answer is clear; Peach is captured by Bowser—unless they happen to change that—so she cannot be a playable character!

There is still some time before the game is released, so stay tuned for more updates on New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe before it comes out on the Nintendo Switch on January 11th, 2019.

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