As of December 3rd this year, it will mark the 24th anniversary since the original PlayStation's release back in the 90s. In a move similar to their translucent PS4 reveal when they were celebrating the number of consoles sold, the company has now gone on to reveal the PlayStation Classic. Announced on the PlayStation Blog and with a trailer to back it up, this mini PS1 replica can fit in your hand and will be able to play 20 games in total. Naturally, it didn't take long for the Internet to draw the comparisons between this and Nintendo's ideas with their NES and SNES Classic releases. The two end up being so similar that it's easy to figure out what to expect here with Sony's take on the nostalgic throwback.


The PlayStation Classic will come with the system, two controllers, an HDMI cable, and a USB cable. The catch to this is that the whole package doesn't include an AC adapter, so people who are looking to get this will have to have their own readily available. The controllers are made to be replicas of the very first iteration of the PS1 controller, rather than the DualShock version, so there are no analog sticks or vibration functions to be found on these. The buttons on the console work mostly like the original PlayStation as well, with the disc eject button working as the way you change your games since they're all digitally stored in the Classic. That's right: No memory cards, it can't get THAT authentic. Rather, your save files will be stored digitally. Since the Classic comes with two controllers, you'll also be able to play local co-op and multiplayer with compatible games.


The most curious part of the whole deal is the question of what games will be on it. The PS1 was home to some of the most well-known classics around, like Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, etc. Sony hasn't revealed the full lineup, but they did pull the curtain back on 5 of the 20 games that we can expect: Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Final Fantasy 7, Jumping Flash, and R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. According to Sony, all of the games, including these ones, will be playable "in their original format," meaning it will look and feel just like it did back in the day. The total size of the Classic is 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, making this a nice and compact piece of hardware.


So, when can we expect the Classic to hit store shelves and how much is it going to cost us? As mentioned above, the 24th anniversary for the first PlayStation will be on December 3rd, and thus, that's the date the Classic will be released on. Once out, you'll be able to buy it for $99.99 USD, and pre-orders are open now. If you're thinking about getting it, I'd pre-order it sooner rather than later, just in case this ends up being another NES Classic situation where supply doesn't meet demand. Sony mentioned that more fan favorites will be revealed on the PlayStation Blog over the coming months, likely ending in the full lineup reveal, so that's something you'll want to stay tuned in on.


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