Hard to believe we're coming up on three weeks now since Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 was released earlier this month. It's likely all you've been hearing many talks about since that time, and for good reason. Spider-Man sold a whopping 3.3 million units just within the first three days of launch, breaking a record as the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation title ever; quite the hefty achievement. Bryan Intihar, creative director at developer Insomniac Games, had a talk with Kinda Funny Games in a recent GameSpot video discussing the success of their new game and how it all turned out. Intihar ended up making an interesting comparison for Spider-Man on PS4: "the funny thing that Marvel and I talk a lot about, is this is the Iron Man, this is the one that's going to start it off." Marvel later backed this up in a tweet, with Spider-Man executive director Bill Rosemann stating that they believe this game is kicking off a new era for Marvel console games.


The comparison is an apt one. For the movie industry, the introduction of the Iron Man movies ushered in the Avengers, and with that came a whole new way to create and release superhero films that hadn't been seen before. If Spidey's newest outing on PS4 goes in a similar fashion, then expect a lot more Triple-A quality superhero games in the same vein as Marvel continues its ever-expanding outreach. When you look at the course of superhero games over the past decade, it's easy to see where DC Comics has succeeded with its Batman: Arkham series and Injustice. The fighting game space has always been popular for superheroes, like with Marvel vs Capcom, but the Arkham series set a precedent for high-quality single-player superhero experiences. Spider-Man took that formula and perfected upon it sublimely, even if it's not entirely without its own flaws, as all games are.


The secrets behind Spider-Man's success aren't too secret when you take a look at why fans have been crowding around it so much, both from the video game and comic book spaces. Insomniac crafted a version of the hero that's very true to his history, and one that tells a well-presented narrative to boot. It's all backed up by the tight and fun gameplay, which many have compared to Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 back in the day, a game famous for its fantastic web-slinging. Stephen Turvey, Sony's Senior Vice President of Sales, praised Insomniac and Spider-Man for bringing the hero "back to gaming in a way that you want to experience it." With the good review scores and fan reception to back it up, it's likely not going to be too long till we hear of another Triple-A Marvel game in the coming years. Also, coincidence or not, the Avengers Tower is a locale in the game, implying we may see more from them too.


Spider-Man is available exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Due to the exclusivity, some haven't gotten the chance to play the game, but if you're someone who can make sure to give it a try and see how you like it. The story of Marvel's Spider-Man is entirely original and created by Insomniac themselves, with no ties to other comics, movies, or media, meaning anyone can jump in and enjoy it without prior experience. In a refreshing take, the game tells the story of a Spidey who's already had years of experience being Spider-Man, a nice change-up from the 'superhero origin story' setting that many things use. Since the game is still new, it will run you $59.99 if you decide to go through with it. Check out Bill Rosemann's twitter for his thoughts on Spider-Man, and everyone else's opinions on the matter too!


Tanner is a freelance writer. He enjoys all things video games, particularly the weirder ones, and can often be found drinking coffee and trying to get through his backlog.

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