Nintendo recently shared a whole host of info about their upcoming 3DS game, Detective Pikachu, which is exactly what it sounds like. A random combination, but one that seems to work surprisingly well. It's been developed by Creatures Inc., a company who's had a lot of history with other Pokémon titles in the recent past, such as PokéPark and Pokémon Ranger.


Rather than play as Pikachu himself, you actually play as a boy named Tim who's teaming up with the sharp-witted Detective Pikachu to find his missing father and solve the mystery of what happened to him. The game takes place in Ryme City, which of course has people and other Pokémon living together in harmony, as in other Pokémon games. The other various Pokémon in the game appear to have their own mystery going on, aside from the one the protagonists are trying to solve. And then there's Mewtwo, who seems to be a key player in the entire plot!

Still with me so far after all that? Great! Detective Pikachu plays like an adventure game, with different styles of gameplay being seen in the trailer, which you can view below. There's exploration, puzzles, quick time events, evidence gathering, and apparently a feature that involves gathering testimonies from the citizens of Ryme City, and the Pokémon too. The game looks rather cinematic, featuring lots and lots of good looking cutscenes, and a lot of voice acting to boot (even if some fans might be baffled hearing Pikachu speak actual human words). The game definitely looks like it's sticking true to its detective title.

Detective Pikachu has different kinds of merchandise surrounding its release. The first bit of it, a New Nintendo 2DS XL, is already in stores for $159.99. It's yellow in color and displays Pikachu's face on it. But that of course begs the question, where's the amiibo? Naturally, the Detective Pikachu amiibo (displaying the character of the same name) will be releasing the same date as the game itself. This way, fans can get the amiibo with the game if desired. It's a cool collectible to have, but as for what it actually does in-game, you can use it to view all cutscenes up until the current chapter you're on. This way, if you forget anything that happened, you can quickly go back through and check it out! Good for those who might take longer breaks in between play sessions. No news on if there may be other amiibo for the game in the future.

All in all, Detective Pikachu seems like an intriguing experiment of a Pokémon game; a mishmash of elements that comes together to make something quite unique. If you like adventure games and Pokémon both, it should be right up your alley, and very soon too! Detective Pikachu sleuths its way out on March 23rd, near the end of the month, for the entire Nintendo 3DS family of systems. This includes the New Nintendo 2DS XL for those who prefer to not have the 3D option.


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