Life is Strange 2 was released towards the end of September on PC and across consoles with both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases. While the first game and its prequel focused on Chloe Price and her friends Max Cauflield and Rachel Amber, respectively, the sequel changes things up in major ways. Life is Strange 2 is still very much a human tale about loss - only now it's about the bond between two brothers. The phrase brothers in arms is frequently used for a military battlefield, but Sean and Daniel aren't just blood but learn to rely on one another completely after a tragic event.


The brother's father dies due to an event that escalates quickly and goes out of control. As a result, they find themselves in the middle of an investigation if they stick around - so Sean takes his younger brother on the road in the hopes of making a better life. His fear over them getting in trouble for the event that led to their dad's death prevents him from being able to tackle the issue head-on. Sean's heart is in the right place, but leaving everyone behind so quickly leads to his friends - including his closest friend Lyla, being worried sick. Daniel remains blissfully unaware of exactly what happened, as the event that led to things involved him getting in a fight and being unable to remember anything due to his powers manifesting at this exact point.


However, Sean's lack of planning manifests itself in them being put in very dangerous situations after a period of calm. Because he doesn't have a concrete idea of where he wants to go beyond a rough hope of maybe Mexico to visit family they may still have, they take any route that will get them further down the road. This means a few treks into the wrong part of town and having to make tough choices. While the original Life is Strange had big stakes, this one keeps things more grounded with moral choices like stealing to survive - but at the cost of the shop who is at no fault for your plight.


Begging is also something you can do and isn't a new activity for the series as it was also in Before the Storm as an option alongside a bit of theft. Life is Strange 2's first episode is a compelling romp, and it's good to see that Feral Interactive will be porting and releasing it next year. An exact release window wasn't announced - but if it winds up going with a release in January, that would put the Linux and Mac release of episode one right alongside the PC and console release of episode two.

Fortunately, those looking for a Life is Strange fix on Linux and Mac can get it now in the form of Before the Storm - which takes place before both mainline games and is the most realistic entry in the series so far. While the others involve special powers to some degree, this one doesn't and is more of a slice of life game than the others. The sequel definitely takes a few more cues from that approach than Life is Strange 1's ability to rewind time – at least so far. With Daniel's powers continuing in future entries, there's no telling just what kind of adventure players will be taken on as the sequel moves forward.

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