Lucah: Born of a Dream is a unique blend of an action RPG and a bit of horror thrown in for good measure. However, while most games use horror to scare the player, Lucah invokes fear in a different way. The situations you're placed in are unnerving, with dialogue boxes showcasing terror while a horde of enemies surrounds you. Every part of the game's visual design sets to throw you for a loop to some degree.


The game tells a tale about finding yourself in a world that is dark and makes finding anything hard to do. The all-black backdrops blended with a bit of color evokes a bit of Batman: The Animated Series being drawn on black paper with color being secondary - and thus standing out more as a result. The scribble-style art may not be for everyone but fits with this being something out of a storybook - especially one of a child who isn't sure of who they are.


Very few games use an art style that is this unconventional. It gives off a hand-drawn feel, but without refinement in the character design. Despite that, every character stands out with a sharp design that doesn't need much in the way of color depth to stand out. A sense of scope is also readily apparent, with your tiny avatar looking rather weak compared to larger enemies - which can serve as a representation of self-doubt and other obstacles people have to overcome in life.

The game's visual design stands out right away, and may not be for everyone in theory. However, the game's fast-paced action RPG mechanics may allow it to be a perfect choice as a gateway game. Anyone who loves overhead action games like Hyper Light Drifter will find a lot to like about the game's design. You have light, medium, and heavy melee attacks alongside a wide variety of skills to learn. Buffs are also available to help mitigate things like taking damage or a boost in stamina. Combat is swift and requires you to be on your A game in order to excel.


The game's story is laid out in both an active manner with text and also passively with abstract designs for enemies. You know that you're in a nightmare, but have to read between the lines to get a lot out of the story. The narrative itself aims to be fulfilling and give the player a feeling that if they themselves have had self-doubt, they aren't alone. Games tackling mental health are rare, and this one does it in a very unique way that helps the player without beating players over the head. It was released in August for Windows and Mac OS, but just had its Linux version released. While the price didn't see a drop, existing owners of the game who have both a Windows and Linux machine would still be able to enjoy the game on two platforms with a single purchase and it doesn't require much in the way of horsepower to run well.

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