Marvel’s Spider-Man has been out for a full month now, providing PlayStation 4 owners with a solid exclusive that took up many a person’s time and life (worth it). Now that we’re a month out, the dust has settled some. Many have finished the game, some even going so far as to platinum the trophies. The question now is: What can we expect next? The upcoming DLC, The Heist, has been known about for a little while now. Developer Insomniac Games took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss the DLC and reveal more about what it will include, now that it’s only a week away. Good news, Spider-Man fans: Suits!


But first, what’s the story behind The Heist? Over the course of the game’s main campaign, Spider-Man could find hidden Black Cat collectibles left for him by, well, Black Cat. Those lead to unlocking a new suit, but no actual encounters with the old flame herself aside from voice calls. With this DLC, we finally get to meet her face to face, awkward interactions with Mary Jane Watson included. Black Cat and Spidey had a history together, and the DLC begins with a robbery at an art museum that inevitably gets Peter mixed up with Felicia Hardy’s activities. This will present players with a multitude of new story missions put into the game’s open world. The Heist is the first of three planned DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The full set is referred to as The City That Never Sleeps series, implying there will be other series after these initial three.


Alongside the new story content, The Heist comes packed with a load of new gameplay and collectible opportunities for everyone to enjoy. The highlight of the pack is the inclusion of three new suits: The Resilient Suit, the Scarlet Spider II Suit, and the Spider-Verse Spider-UK Suit. The first one is an original suit for the game, designed by Marvel author and illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto. The other two will be familiar to Spider-Man fans out there, and we’ll likely see plenty more with the other DLC down the line. The DLC will also pack the map with new crimes, a new criminal faction, and new trophies to collect. Spider-Man will continue keeping us busy for some time to come.


Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist DLC drops next Tuesday on October 23rd, and you’ll be able to buy it for $9.99. If you purchase the City That Never Sleeps series pass for $24.99, you’ll end up saving five dollars that you would’ve spent otherwise. This will grant access to the other two DLC that are planned for later this year. Spider-Man will also be getting a New Game Plus mode at some point, but Insomniac hasn’t been clear on when we’ll see it, as mentions of it were removed from the EU PlayStation Blog. Once it arrives, it will also include a new Ultimate difficulty level. In traditional New Game Plus fashion, you’ll play the game again with all your unlocked goodies intact. If you’ve yet to get Marvel’s Spider-Man, it’s available in both normal and deluxe editions, the latter including the season pass. Check the PS Blog for the full overview!


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