The title of Days Gone is starting to take a double meaning at this point, since we keep passing by the days when we were going to expect it to release. Days Gone, as many of you might remember, is Sony's in-development post-apocalyptic adventure game that got revealed for the first time at their E3 2016 presser. The upcoming PS4 exclusive is currently in the works over at SIE Bend Studio, but unfortunately, it's been struck by yet another delay. The first delay occurred earlier this year when Bend revealed it wouldn't be meeting its projected 2018 release. Whereas that was potentially due to finishing things up (and the release of other exclusives), this next delay is simply due to an abundance of other games. In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony overviewed all of their upcoming exclusives and what dates they'll be releasing. Days Gone was on the list too, and it was here that they announced the new delay.


"We recently decided to move the release of Days Gone from the crowded February timeframe to April 26, 2019," Sony stated. "While the studio is eager to see Days Gone in the hands of fans, Bend Studio will take the opportunity to further polish Days Gone." When you take a peek at the game release schedule for February 2019, it becomes clear what they mean by crowded. Three different heavy hitters are releasing on the same day, February 22nd, next year: EA's open-world MMO/shooter Anthem, Deep Silver's Metro Exodus, and Microsoft's Xbox One-exclusive Crackdown 3. All of these got their dates over the course of this past E3, leading to February getting pretty stacked. Not only will the pushback to April give Days Gone more polish time, but it will also help steer clear of direct competition. While it's only a delay of two months, it is a bummer to see it pushed back even further. Hopefully, the added amount of time will help it be even better come April.


Alongside Days Gone, other upcoming Sony exclusives got their dates or release windows confirmed. The first of these is Déraciné, From Software's unique looking VR title that's set in a boarding school. This will be releasing November 6th of this year, making it the most immediate of Sony's upcoming exclusive releases. Concrete Genie and Everybody's Golf VR both now have a confirmed Spring 2019 release window. The former is Pixelopus's artful adventure game about a boy named Ash who paints creatures and worlds with a magic paintbrush to escape the troubles of his real life. The latter is a VR version of the recent Everybody's Golf, which will allow VR owners to play the game with an added layer of realism, swinging their clubs with either DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move motion controls. Playing in VR will also add new depth to the gameplay, like being able to see the terrain from new perspectives.


You may be wondering, what about all those crazy big titles we've been seeing at Sony's E3 conferences? Things like The Last of Us: Part II, Death Stranding, Dreams, etc? Sony makes note of all of them at the end of the blog post: "The studios are hard at work polishing up these epic PS4 games, but we aren't yet ready to share a release timeframe. When that news is available, rest assured - you'll be the first to know!" It seems 2019 is really building up to be a busy year for video games, so make sure to prepare your wallets accordingly. Head to the PlayStation Blog to check the full details behind the above-mentioned titles, or for now, find another post-apocalyptic zombie game to tide you over until Days Gone gets put out!

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