The most innovative gaming console over the past decade is the Nintendo Switch.
What makes it stand out is its ability to support gameplay as a handheld console, and in docked mode on the television.

The switch also has a wide variety of breathtaking games including major titles in The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and others.

Every gamer will always look up to decking their Nintendo Switch with some cool Nintendo Switch accessories after purchasing one. There is plenty of accessories out there for the Nintendo Switch, and they’re not equally created.

Their difference comes in their functionality, design, reliability, and expense.


Nintendo Switch Accessories

The items listed in this article are either the finest in their class or are great value of money. The hybrid console and its progressively improving library of amazing games are perfect on the go. You’ll also want to purchase some accessories on top of it.

Here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Finest Switch Controller

The most incredible traditional controller is the Switch Pro Controller. You should consider choosing this pro controller if you play a lot of docked switched games on your screen.

This controller has an NFC chip used in Nintendo’s Amiibo along with a share button just like the pack-in Joy-Con controller. No functionality can be lost with this chip.

Though it costs more for a controller, it’s the best pick for any gamer who is searching for a reputable controller.

We recommend the 8bitdp Pro Controller if you’re feeling the urge. You can purchase one which resembles the SNES handset. This one has additional analog sticks and a share button which makes it suitable for the new switch.

Antank Portable Switch Battery Case

This is the most elegant Nintendo switch battery.
Having a portable system makes the Nintendo switch more reliable. This means that you’ll be competing with the most colossal of battery’s life enemies.

The Antank Portable Switch Battery case has an additional charging power of 600mAh. This power is like a combination of your on-the-go play time without the addition of any weight or a substantial amount of bulk.

It balances the battery’s capacity and portability. This case is also durable. It can supplement your switch with some extra protection.

Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel

Best Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel

If you're looking for the most reliable racing wheels, we recommend you go for the Joy-Con Wheel. It provides you with several hands-on approach to racing games like Mario Kart. This switch is incredible for younger gamers.

You can play with a family member or your friend at the same time since this set comes with two wheels.

HyperX ChargePlay Quad

Best Joy-Con Charger

The Joy-Cons were designed excellently by Nintendo. They precisely do what is written on the tin. They can perfectly fit into a shell that gives a more touching gaming experience while charging at the same time.

Nonetheless, this can be challenging if you’re planning for Smash Bros or a big Mario Party ultimate tournament.

But your ultimate tournament can be saved by the Joy-Con chargers such as the HyperX ChargePlay Quad.

Instead of just juicing up only two Joy-Cons with your Nintendo Switch, you can simultaneously charge up to four of them using a Joy-Con charging dock.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Straps

Try to switch a case of butterfingers with the Joy-Con straps. There are plain black ones which come with Switch consoles. But if you prefer personalizing yours with other colors that can go with your Joy-Con, then we recommend you go for this option.

Heads up, they don’t come in pairs.

Anker PowerCore 20100: The Best Portable Charger

We'd name the Anker PowerCore 20100 as the best portable charger. This product is officially licensed. This makes it a good quality tech product.

Anker PowerCore 20100 delivers to up to 10 additional hours of power. Currently, it’s not easy to find a Nintendo Switch-branded version, but the job can be done correctly by a standard model.

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

Best Nintendo Switch Charging Stand

This charging stand is a tiny little adjustable slice. Nintendo's official charging stand is more stable than the built-in kickstand. Any Nintendo Switch case can comfortably accommodate it due to its favorable small size.

It’s also Nintendo’s Switch official charging stand. It can only charge. It has no HDMI output, but it’s the best option if you want to keep you gaming more outstanding.

Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

Best Nintendo Switch Case

Choosing a good case is a good idea if you want to take your Switch on the go. A good case can keep it protected.

The Mumba Nintendo Switch case is designed to be firm and strong. It has a rubber case to provide an excellent grip to reduce damage in case you drop it accidentally.

It’s also designed with a shock-handling thermoplastic polyurethane to provide more protection.

Nintendo Switch Official Dock

Best Nintendo Switch Dock

It’s so sad that some third party docks are blocking consoles. But that should be a letdown. There’s a first party dock which performs accurately and contains an HDMI cable, USB-C wall adapter, and the dock itself.

The disadvantage is; its stock is unreliable. But Nintendo always finds a breakthrough.

Hori Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Play-stand

The Best Nintendo Switch Portable Dock

Nintendo's official Switch dock is good, but it’s not portable and has fewer ports.
Fortunately, the Hori Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Play-stand comes in handy. It contains a keyboard, fight sticks, and four ports where several controllers can be connected.

Nintendo has licensed this product officially, so you shouldn’t be worried about this third-party dock destroying your Switch.

Plenty of Options

There is plenty of Nintendo Switch accessories out there for your Nintendo Switch. It’s advisable for you to pick the right gadget for your Nintendo Switch. You can make your gaming like much better by purchasing the item you need to make your own switch experience!

For more helpful guides, be sure to explore other pages in our blog to the best gaming accessories.