We love MMORPG games. It's a genre that not only gives players a chance to play through the story that developers have created but also gives an opportunity to create their own adventure, making new friends along the way.

However, MMORPG games usually take a lot of time. Most gamers have that time saved up for the summer season and that is when MMORPG developers usually release their new products. Today we'd like to present you with 3 biggest players in the genre that are releasing new content over the summer. All of these games can be bought on Eneba games store for less in order to save a bit of money.

  1. The Elder Scrolls Online

If you like RPG games, in general, you probably know about The Elder Scrolls franchize. Did you know that this iconic RPG series also has an MMORPG game title The Elder Scrolls Online? While the development of the game is done by ZeniMax Online Studios, Bethesda also gives the title their own flavor. The latest of which are dragons...

At the beginning of the summer, The Elder Scrolls Online received its third major expansion called The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr. The new batch of content brought a lot of new things into the world of TESO including a new continent, new storyline with thousands of quests, and... Dragons! If you're a fan of Skyrim or always wanted to explore a vast land that is home to the Khajiit race, check out the price for the new TESO DLC at Eneba store.

  1. Final Fantasy XIV

The second game on our list also needs no introduction. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was released way back but to this day hosts a huge community of players on PC and PlayStation console. Over the years the game received many add-ons, DLC content and various in-game events, however, the biggest one is yet to come.

Square Enix announced that the company is planning to release the third major expansion for the game on June 2nd. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will bring a variety of new dungeons and include yet another playable race and a new class. The game will also increase its level cap from 70 to 80 and introduce a number of new zones to explore.

So, if you wish to join the community of Final Fantasy XIV, you probably won't find a better time. You can purchase your first month of the game alongside the new Shadowbringers expansion form Eneba store.

  1. World of Warcraft

To wrap our recommendation list we have a real treat. World of Warcraft is probably the most successful game of MMORPG genre. And it will get a new (or should we say old) batch of content at the end of the summer. While regular World of Warcraft players are currently playing Battle for Azeroth expansion, on August 27th Blizzard plans to release World of Warcraft: Classic.

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about the remake of the game which was released back in 2004. According to Blizzard, the development team is working hard to bring the most authentic classic game experience possible, which means that players will be able to relive their memories and start their journey to level 60 a new.

Most importantly, World of Warcraft: Classic won't require you to purchase any expansion or 'remade' version of the game. You'll be able to play it with an active World of Warcraft subscription which means that you'll get two games for the price of one monthly fee. And if you're looking to buy some game time, check out Eneba store for some awesome deals.

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