In America, about 211 million people play video games. 

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best platforms to play video games on, and lots of people enjoy it. 

Don't let your screen get scratched to oblivion. Check out our list of Nintendo Switch screen protectors. We rounded up and ranked the best.


iVoler VGuard 3 Pack

iVoler VGuard 3 Pack is one of the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors that are very durable.

This screen has a coating that makes your Nintendo Switch scratch resistant. However, at the same time, it is still thin enough to make it seem like you don't have a screen protector even on.

This protector also isn't just a piece of plastic. It is a piece of tempered glass. This one also comes in a pack of three so that if something happens to one of them, you still have a few as backups. 

These three screen protectors are around $10 on Amazon so they are one of the best deals that you will be able to find. 

amFilm 2 Pack Switch Screen Protector

Unlike the last option, this pack of screen protectors only has two of them. That is normally the standard when it comes to purchasing screen protectors. 

One important thing you need to consider when buying a screen protector is making sure that you will be able to see through the protector. You don't want your video game to be clouded. 

Thankfully, this pack of screen protectors is easy to see through and won't hinder your gameplay. 

PDP Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit 

PDP worked with Nintendo to make an affordable screen protector. That way you can still have money left to buy other video games as well. 

This screen also comes with a kit to make it easy to install. It is made from reinforced plastic, which also helps make it easier. 


TJS Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The TJS Nintendo Switch screen protector is also another pack that has two protectors. 

It is also a tempered glass screen. It will keep fingerprints off your screen while also keeping it safe and keeping it from shattering. 

Some reviews have said that this screen protector is also more aesthetically pleasing than other ones. This screen protector is .3 millimeters thick. 

Cellularlize Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Cellularlize screen protector for the Nintendo Switch was made just for the video game console. 

This is made of tempered glass, and lasers cut it out to make sure that it would fit just right. This comes with a pack of two screen protectors. If something does happen to your screen, at least you won't have to buy another one. 

The screen will also protect your device. It is .3 millimeters thick, making it 15% thicker than protectors that you would normally put on your phone. 

The tempered glass is also strong enough to protect the screen from other drops and accidental falls. 

Hori Officially Licensed Screen Protective Filter 

The Hori Switch Screen protector isn't made by Nintendo, but they actually do license this one.

This screen protector is easy to apply and has a lot of great reviews from people online. If you aren't really good at applying screen protectors on your tablets or phone, you may want to look into purchasing this one. 

Easy installation was in mind when people designed this one. You can apply this one and not have to worry about dust under the screen or bubbles getting in the way of the display. 

Maxboost PET Screen Protector

The Maxboost PET Screen Protector is made out of polyethylene terephthalate. It sounds strong, but this is just a different type of plastic. 

This type of plastic is also incredibly thin. If you measure it, it is actually only 0.1 mm thick. You shouldn't have any problems with the touchscreen with this protector. 

As if that wasn't good enough, it also has an oleophobic coating. This will help ensure that your fingerprints don't start dirtying the screen.  Your fingers also won't stick to the screen when you use it. 

JETech Screen Protector

The JETech screen protector for your switch is made by one of the well-known brands in screen protectors. They also make protectors for phones and tablets. You may have even bought one before.

They offer good quality for less money. However, these screen protectors are a little bit thicker. This one is .33 millimeters. However, it's still tough and will protect your screen. 

You will be able to see right through it without having to worry about if it will change the color or make the display a little bit cloudy. 

This one is also easy to apply to your Switch. If you mess up, you can just readjust it with no problems. 

Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit

If you didn't want any of the other ones, Nintendo actually sells their own official screen. This one is licensed by Nintendo, so you know that you will really be getting quality for your money.

This film will fit perfectly on your Switch, fitting perfectly around the buttons and screen. 

This screen also has a coating on it that will keep it free from fingerprints, so you won't have to spend as much time cleaning it. 

Buy One of These Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors Today

Buying one of these Nintendo Switch screen protectors is important to make sure that nothing bad happens to your Switch screen. 

Taking a few seconds to apply a small piece of plastic could save it and won't stop you from playing video games.

However, a screen protector is just one of the accessories you should buy for your Switch. 

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