Concrete Genie has been in the works for quite a while. A very promising looking indie title, Concrete Genie is being developed by SIE Worldwide Studios' very own PixelOpus. The game was first unveiled at Sony's Paris Games Week 2017 nearly two years ago and has made a few brief appearances at their E3 conferences and other showcases since. With no solid date, and a delay hitting it earlier this year, it wasn't really clear when we'd be seeing it hit our consoles. Now, the mystery is finally over! PixelOpus' Creative Director, Dominic Robilliard, took to the PlayStation Blog to announce Concrete Genie's release date: October 8th!


Along with the news, Robilliard took some time to reveal some key features the game will have that we can look forward to. But first, the story for context. Concrete Genie is set in a glum fishing village, one that's been ravaged by pollution and environmental problems left and right. Residing in this village is our protagonist, Ash, a teenage boy with a flair for the artistic. He spends his days drawing in his notebook, until one day, a group of bullies from the town of Denska steal the notebook and rip out the pages. The goal of the game is to find these pages, utilizing the help of a magical paintbrush that Ash finds. The paintbrush is capable of turning the artwork to life, morphing them into what are called 'genies'. How you draw the genies shapes their personalities and abilities, with color and shape giving them all unique properties. You'll need their help to both solve puzzles and defeat corrupted enemies.

That's the synopsis in a nutshell. If the whole thing sounds a lot like Jet Set Radio, that's the idea; Robilliard was heavily inspired by both that game, and the experiences of a PixelOpus employee who grew up in the streets of China. To add onto the artistic themes, Robilliard revealed that Concrete Genie will feature a photo mode. Not terribly surprising, since most games come with them nowadays, but this photo mode has a twist: Using it will re-play a timelapse of the artwork you draw in-game, slowly bringing it from beginning to end. Combine that with the game's beautiful stop-motion art style ends up making Concrete Genie quite a looker. On top of the base game, Concrete Genie will also ship with two different PlayStation VR modes. These modes are separate from the main story, but allow players a fun and relaxing way to create artwork in VR. Painting in Concrete Genie is done with the motion controls in the DualShock 4, and it's a robust enough system to have plenty of depth for the more artistically-inclined and an easy to grasp style for all who play it.


Once it releases on October 8th (October 9th for Europe), Concrete Genie will stand tall as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. Pre-orders are now open for the game in two flavors: A $29.99 Standard Edition and a $39.99 Digital Deluxe Edition. The Standard one will come with an Avatar set and dynamic theme for your PS4. Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe comes with all of this plus a digital artbook, an additional dynamic theme, a design pack for use in-game, and the complete soundtrack. Concrete Genie will be a digital-only affair, so make your choice wisely. In commemoration of the release date reveal, PixelOpus also put out a very brief release trailer for the game; check that out down below. You can read up more on the game and how it explores themes of bullying by checking out the PlayStation Blog; its an interesting topic for a game to tackle and one that Concrete Genie does in a beautiful fashion.


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