We've known about the next Persona 5 spinoff title, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, for some time now. When developer Atlus was originally hinting at the title, it went by the codename 'Persona 5 S', leading many to speculate that the project was going to be a Switch port of 2017's Persona 5. While that didn't end up being the case, The Phantom Strikers is aiming for a Switch release. Just the other day, Atlus decided to pull back the curtain on the Phantom Thieves once more, showing off an extensive gameplay trailer and release details for The Phantom Strikers. With all of these details now out, it will hopefully only be a matter of time until we see this project head west; considering Persona's popularity overseas, I'd say it's a given.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is essentially Persona meets Musou. For those unfamiliar with the term, Musou is the Japanese name of Koei Tecmo's Warriors series of video games, such as Samurai and Dynasty Warriors. Games of these types typically involve large crowds of enemies, all of whom must be fought through by powerful playable characters with special abilities. Nintendo's very own Legend of Zelda series received a Musou spinoff in 2014's Hyrule Warriors, allowing for players to take control of a massive Zelda roster in a fight through Hyrule. Musou has retained a hefty popularity in both Japan and the states, and considering Persona 5's colorful cast of characters, it seems only fitting that the JRPG giant receives one. The new gameplay trailer provided shows these giant battles in action. P5's protagonist, Joker, will naturally be playable, as will all of the other members of the Phantom Thieves.

What's most surprising about Phantom Strikers, however, is that it's not your typical Musou game. The battles feature a large part of the experience, but based on the gameplay seen, there will be numerous other things to see and do alongside this. Some things of note include exploration of Tokyo's Shibuya district, hang-outs with the other members of the Phantom Thieves, and even a 2D platforming mode. According to Atlus, the game's story takes place half a year following the ending events of Persona 5. "The Phantom Thieves of Hearts get together for a summer vacation, but get wrapped up in a new incident," the blurb reads. "Mystery cases are occurring all over Japan. Palaces, the cognitive worlds of warped adults, have returned? Donning their disguises once again, the Phantom Thieves set out to resolve this new incident." Some screenshots from the story include brand new characters unique to this title, as often was the case for Persona 4's spinoffs.


Persona 5 Scramble is set for a February 20th, 2020 release in Japan. Once out, it will be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. There's been no word of a western release, though Atlus is holding an official livestream for the game on November 4th. More information on the title will likely be revealed at this time, so maybe we'll hear more on an overseas version. The game will release with both a standard edition and Treasure Box collector's edition. The latter will contain a special container for the game proper, a 48-page art book, soundtrack, towel, and bag. The asking price for this edition is 13,800 JPY (so roughly 130 dollars). You can feast your eyes on the gameplay trailer below, which proves that the game aims to maintain the sense of style and bold aesthetic the original Persona 5 had. For more on the original story, you can check out Japanesenintendo for the official report.


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