Nintendo is always so lowkey when it comes to system updates for the Nintendo Switch. It feels like they can appear at the drop of a hat, and for the big 10.0.0 update, it's no different. The update appeared for Switch users overnight last night, and it brings with it a handful of new changes and additions. It's one of the Switch's beefier updates, a contrast to the quick ones it usually receives. That's because it brings with it stuff like button remapping and data transfer to SD cards. But that's the abridged version; let's get down to the finer details!


First, the data transferring. As mentioned, you can now transfer data to an SD card if you need to free up space on your Nintendo Switch; especially helpful, considering how many games have been put onto the eShop by this point. As far as what all you can transfer, this applies to 'downloadable software, update data, and DLC', meaning it blankets most things you'll be downloading anyway. Of course, this also means you can transfer those things to the Switch from an SD card. Nintendo also mentions that save data and 'some' update data cannot be transferred; you'll have to leave that on the console itself. You can find the options for data transfer under System Settings - Data Management. Alongside data transfer, users can also now bookmark news articles from the Switch newsfeed. Up to 300 news items can be bookmarked to read later, although this doesn't apply to articles that have since been taken down or cannot be viewed.

Now, let's take a look at button remapping. It's the biggest change brought in this update, and one many will be happy to see. Button remapping is a common feature on most current consoles, but with Switch, you'd have to settle for the default Joy-Con/Pro Controller button layouts for most games. With remapping, users can now edit analog stick and button configurations to their liking, which will be especially useful for things like Switch Online's NES games. You can save up to five custom layouts under your favorites, and applicable controllers include only the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller for the time being. Players will also be able to do this on the Switch Lite, since the controller for that IS the handheld itself. You can access button remapping under System Settings - Controllers and Sensors - Change Button Mapping. Tinker around with it and see what feels right for you!


The update also includes some smaller additions that players will enjoy, such as the inclusion of new Animal Crossing: New Horizons icons for user profiles, as well as general enhancements to performance and stability. You can view the full list of changes and details on Nintendo's official website. All in all, these changes add up to create a better, more user-friendly experience on Nintendo Switch. There are some who hope the UI changes someday, especially when it comes to adding folders to sort games and other applications. One can only hope... and wait... and play hours and hours more of Animal Crossing. With 10.0.0 live, you can bet Nintendo will be putting out plenty of smaller updates to improve things overall during the next several weeks.


Tanner is a freelance writer. He enjoys all things video games, particularly the weirder ones, and can often be found drinking coffee and trying to get through his backlog.

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