PC gamers everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the PC port for Kojima Productions' Death Stranding, a game that is currently only a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Now, due to the nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like we'll have to hold on for just a bit longer. The news came out via way of KojiPro's official Twitter accounts. "Following the temporary closure of Kojima Productions, we have had to delay the PC launch of Death Stranding to July 14th, 2020, to allow more development time amidst the current work-from-home orders in place," the post reads. "Thank you all for your patience and continued support! #keeponkeepingon". This makes Death Stranding the next big game to be affected by the coronavirus, as The Last of Us Part 2 got hit by a significant delay for the same reason. In the latter's case, there isn't even an end in sight. The game is reportedly finished with its development, but the ETA on the release is now TBD and nothing more.


In Death Stranding's case, the wait isn't too bad. The originally planned release date was June 2nd, so it's only an extra month. Considering the circumstances, that's not too bad. Earlier last month, it was discovered that one of Kojima Productions' employees had tested positive for COVID-19. The said employee has since remained quarantined at home, but it naturally meant the rest of the studio would need to do the same. Thankfully the employee in question is still doing just fine, and hopefully, everyone else is too. The PC port for Death Stranding is planned for release on both Steam and the Epic Games store. Its publishing is being handled by 505 Games. 505 has handled publishing for a lot of notable hits, including Control, Abzu, Terraria, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Their headquarters is stationed in Italy, one of the places worst hit by the coronavirus. Chances are the whole situation has made things even more difficult for them, where stay-at-home orders are even stricter due to the huge death toll suffered from March to April. Japan, meanwhile, recently issued a state of emergency.

Dark times aside, Death Stranding on PC is planned to feature a number of new improvements and additions. This includes things like ultra-wide monitor support, as well as incredibly high FPS. Players will be able to look forward to exclusive in-game items based on Valve's Half-Life series, a great way to show some love to the PC crowd. These items include a valve on the back of Sam's head, a headcrab hat, and the gravity gloves from the recently release Half-Life: Alyx. Also included will be the photo mode that was added to the PS4 version after launch. Considering the high fidelity of PC graphics, fans will be able to do a lot with this photo mode. Hopefully, things start calming down in the months to come, so that when July does hit, we won't have to be stressed out of our minds. And hey, if we are, Death Stranding on the PC will be a lovely distraction!


Death Stranding is currently available on PlayStation 4. The game marks Hideo Kojima's first title since his messy departure from Konami following the development of Metal Gear Solid V. The game follows the story of Sam Bridges, a 'porter' deliveryman living in a broken Earth following the apocalyptic 'Death Stranding'. As a deliveryman, Sam is tasked with reconnecting people across the United States through packages, contending with all manner of foes and oddities along the way, in an effort to reunite the people. Amusing parallels have been made between the game and the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the title's portrayal of Americans all staying inside their homes while delivery workers are braving a world hit by a deadly threat. It's not the first time Kojima has been accused of predicting the future; just look at Metal Gear Solid 2.


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