It's hard to believe, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still a game in its infancy. Releasing at the tail-end of March, the game has slowly but surely been getting new players acquainted with island life. This means getting everything set up, including the museum, tailor shop, and Nook's Cranny. With Animal Crossing being the life-sim that it is, Nintendo promised from the get-go that the game would receive updates throughout the year that add in-game events and specials. The first of these was the infamous 'Bunny Day' event for Easter, which quickly gained some... irritation from fans due to the overload of easter eggs throughout normal gameplay. The hope is that the next event goes better though. Turns out, it's right around the corner!


In a new trailer posted by Nintendo, several new events and characters coming to New Horizons have been detailed. Many of these were discovered slightly early due to data mining, but now we have the full details. First and foremost are the permanent additions (and familiar characters): Leif and Redd. Starting on April 23rd, both characters will become regular visitors to your island. Leif, made famous in AC: New Leaf, continues his shrubbery obsession by selling players bushes and flowers. Many of these shrubs are new plants that can be used to spruce up your island's aesthetic. Leif will appear in the town square, similar to other random sellers like Kicks and Label. As for Redd, he'll be back to doing what he does best: Selling players shady, black market artwork and exclusive furniture. As with past games, it's up to you to figure out if the art he's selling is real or fake. Correctly purchasing real art means a potential donation to the museum, which is also getting an expansion of its own in the form of an art gallery!

Aside from the permanent add-ons, April-June will also see some limited time events and tours, including some extra Nook Miles benefits for plant-related activities. The first, and most notable, of these events, is the May Day Tour, taking place fromĀ  May 1-7. Players can use a one-time ticket during this period to visit a special island. Nintendo revealed that the island will also contain a character fan likely remember. Judging from the trailer and the cat moving around in the background, that character is presumably Rover. Not long after the May Day event ends, a Museum Day event will take place from May 18th all the way to the end of the month. Players will be able to view various insects, fossils, and fish whilst filling out a special stamp card at the museum for prizes. Last but not least is Wedding Season, a special event that takes place at Harvey's island for the entirety of June. Wedding Season sees the return of fan-favorites Reese and Cyrus celebrating their wedding anniversary. It's up to you to use Harvey's studio to decorate and picture the perfect wedding photos for the happy couple. In exchange, you'll receive special wedding items and furniture for your troubles.


All in all, there's a lot to look forward to here, and plenty to keep us busy into the early summer. The one glaring thing missing from the proceedings is the addition of Brewster and a cafe in the museum. These details were also found in the data mine that came prior to the reveal. While all the rest of the secrets found turned out to be correct, there was no mention of Brewster. Hopefully, we'll see him added to the game at some point; a lot of fans miss him. Naturally, this update will be completely free and will go live on April 23rd. If it doesn't automatically apply, make sure you head into the game's settings on the Nintendo Switch homepage and check for updates there. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest in Nintendo's popular life simulator series, and marks one of the Switch's most popular exclusives. It's been selling especially well in the midst of the pandemic keeping many stranded in their homes for the time being. You can check out all of the new additions in action via the trailer below.


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