The PC Gaming Show took place the other day, and served as one of the many post E3-2020-cancellation events to stream over the course of this summer. The show had a lot of exciting things to discuss, but one big surprise felt like an all-out attack that left everyone stunned... the announcement of Persona 4 Golden on Steam! This is a huge win for JRPG fans, and the first time the game has been made legit playable for the PC crowd. The Persona series has always kind of stuck firmly to its PlayStation homebase, so this announcement was made all the more surprising. Thankfully, the game is available to purchase right this very second, with the launch coinciding alongside the PC Gaming Show reveal.


It's likely some of you might not know much about the Persona series, as P4G is the first and only Persona game currently available on Steam. Here's a brief overview. The series bases itself as a spinoff to Atlus's Shin Megami Tensei series. While SMT has its own themes, characters, and world, Persona puts a different spin on things by focusing on the day-to-day life of its protagonists. Persona games are typically noted for their life simulation elements laid overtop engrossing and in-depth RPG gameplay and dungeons. The personas used by the characters in the series are all familiar faces as the enemies from the SMT games. Persona 4 Golden is the re-released version of the original Persona 4, which released in 2008 on the PlayStation 2 (well past its lifecycle). Golden was originally only available on the Vita, and featured a lot of new additions P4 didn't have, such as new Personas, characters, music, and entire gameplay mechanics. It's considered the definitive version of P4; the best way to play it all around.

Persona 4 tells the story of a protagonist who moves to the small rural town of Inaba. Shortly after moving there, he and his newfound friends encounter a deadly mystery in the form of a world inside TVs. This world appears to be connected to bizarre murders taking place within Inaba. After gaining the power to use Personas (supernatural beings with powerful abilities), the group bands together to investigate the murders and find the truth going on behind-the-scenes. Persona 4 is considered by many to be one of the best games in the series, which comes up often as a hot debate with Persona 3 and 5 standing alongside it. The game is fairly long, which is also something the series is notorious for, clocking in at around 70-100 hours depending on what all you do. The gameplay is split between the TV world dungeons and real life, where your goal is to hang out with friends, further your bonds, and do well in school, among other things.


You can nab P4G on Steam for the low asking price of $19.99. A digital deluxe edition is also available for $24.99, which nets you the game as well as a digital artbook and digital soundtrack. Since the game is fairly old by this point, it won't take much to run on your PC. Hopefully, with this release, we can expect to see ports of Persona 3: FES and Persona 5 Royal someday, both of which are the definitive versions of those games (Atlus has a trend of doing this). In any case, make sure you don't miss out on this one. Persona 4 is one of the genre's all-time best games, and it would be a shame to miss out on such a classic. You can check out the steam launch trailer below. There aren't a whole lot of differences with this port compared to its Vita counterpart, though the trailer does note that it has 'HD Graphics' and selectable Japanese/English dubbings. I'll take it!


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