It's been a long, long time since we've seen Crash Bandicoot in any official capacity. Sure, we had the remade trilogy in the form of 2017's N Sane Trilogy. But what about a whole new game? What about a continuation of everything that came before? Fans have been waiting long enough, and that's probably why the leaks from several days ago sent them into a tailspin trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't. Thankfully, the cat's out of the bag now; publisher Activision went ahead and revealed what we've all been waiting for. Crash Bandicoot is finally back, and better yet, he's back in a brand-new game that serves itself as a direct sequel to Crash Bandicoot: Warped. The new game, developed by Toys for Bob, is aptly titled Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. This title has a double meaning, as the very plot of it has to do with time travel.


The game was revealed by way of a quick trailer during the Day of the Devs indie showcase on June 22nd. Toys for Bob are the team that made the impressive Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a remade form of the first three Spyro games. That alone ensures Crash is in good hands while the original developers over at Naughty Dog are busy with TLOU Part 2. The new game picks up right where Warped left off, with all of the series' villains stranded on a planet deep in space. Crash 4 sees them escaping from this planet, ready to wreak havoc across the multiverse. It's up to Crash and Coco to put a stop to them, though surprisingly, even Neo Cortex will be fully playable here with his own levels and gameplay mechanics. He's a different beast than Crash and Coco, focusing on dashing rather than jumping, and using a diabolical ray gun to vaporize foes that get in his way.

"We deliberately called this game Crash 4," said Toys for Bob co-studio head Paul Yan, "because we want to position this as a true sequel to the original three games, which were developed by Naughty Dog. There's something really, really special about those first three games, and you could see that reflected both critically and commercially." The team even went so far as to throw some shade at the Crash spinoffs at the end of the trailer, though it's all in good fun. Here's a fun factoid in case you want to feel old: Warped came out in 1998. This means it's been a grand total of 22 years since Crash 3 released. It's hard to believe, right? Toys for Bob is trying to focus heavily on keeping the spirit of the classic trilogy alive with Crash 4. Levels in it maintain the same linear, challenging style that we've all come to love. They're also accessed via a point-to-point overworld map, just like before. Some new platforming mechanics will be introduced through the quantum mask characters, each of which imbue Crash and the gang with abilities such as time dilation and gravity distortion.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time will release on October 2nd for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hopefully, the Switch and PC crowds will get ports someday too. It took a year for them to receive the N Sane Trilogy, so it might be a similar case here (PlayStation gets dibs thanks to Crash originating on the platform in the 90s). And if you're worried about Crash 4 being too easy, don't be; Toys for Bob was keeping the difficulty firmly in mind when developing the game, ensuring that it maintains that fun challenge ceiling that the other games had. You can check out Crash 4 in all of its spinny action in the new trailer. I'm sure it won't be the last footage we see of the game before its fall-time launch. Pre-orders are open for the game, so if you're wanting to get in, now's the time! We missed you, Crash Bandicoot! It's about time.


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