Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a game that fans of the series in the West have long been looking forward to since the game released for Japan in July of last year. We've known it was coming to the West for quite some time, but now the JRPG finally has its official release date, as well as some surprising new improvements specifically for Western versions of the game. Nintendo fans, however, will probably experience some disappointment from the upcoming news, which will be explained in detail down below.


First and foremost, however, what's up with the new improvements this time around? This version of Dragon Quest 11 will feature multiple new things that weren't present anywhere in the Japanese release, with the first and most obvious thing being an English dub. More significant though are the addition of a new difficulty mode and camera mode. In the former, which has been named Draconian Quest, the game gets a tougher makeover and offers up multiple new challenges alongside the general harder difficulty. In the latter, players can go into this mode at any time to experience the title in first person perspective.

There's also been a lot of new improvements on the technical side of things as well. The UI and menus in the game have been completely overhauled from its more simple looking version in the Japanese release, featuring more thematic artwork and clear displays of what's what. Getting around the game more quickly is a piece of cake now, thanks to the inclusion of a dash ability, and the character and camera movement have been smoothed and refined, all culminating to a better experience overall.


Now comes the platform discussion, which has a lot of exceptions going on, and Nintendo platform users will want to take extra note here. Dragon Quest 11 will be releasing first on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam. That begs the question, what about the Switch and 3DS? It was confirmed a few years back before we knew what the Switch was that the game would be headed to Nintendo's new console, and Japan got a remade 3DS version as well, so what gives? According to a statement Square Enix gave to IGN in regards for the 3DS version, the company intends to grow the audience for the series more in the West and feels that, strategically, focusing more on the PS4 and PC is the better move for that. For that reason, the 3DS version won't be localized for the West at all.

As for the Switch version, that thankfully will be happening, but at a much later date. According to Square, the Switch version is going to take more time due to the technical aspects involved with the system, going so far as to outright confirm this version won't be released in 2018. With that being said, Dragon Quest 11's release on PS4 and PC is set for September 4th later this year. Pre-orders are now available on PSN, which will net you a theme and in-game DLC items. You can view a first-look video of all the changes in the Western version below!


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