Ah, L.A. Noire. One of Rockstar Games' most unique titles, and also, one of its most controversial. The game took many years to develop, with stories coming out from Team Bondi employees that the sheer amount of working hours and style of management were downright abusive at times. It didn't come as much surprise, then, when Team Bondi closed down shortly after the game's release. To this day, the game is still cited as one of Rockstar's more understated gems. It recently got a chance in the spotlight again with 2017's L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. Developed by Australia-based Video Games Deluxe, the spinoff added some extra VR exclusive cases to the original game. This started Rockstar Games' journey into the VR space, and now, it looks like they're at it again... though on what, we're not sure.


In a recent posting to Video Games Deluxe's LinkedIn page, the studio announced that they're gearing up for a brand new title; more specifically, a 'AAA open-world title in VR' for Rockstar. "2020 marks our 7th year of working exclusively for Rockstar in Sydney and we are excited to be taking on this groundbreaking project," they stated. Details behind the project are extremely scarce for the time being, leading to speculation about whether it could be a tie-in to a popular Rockstar series or something entirely original. The only specifics we can gather so far are the vacant job openings on said LinkedIn profile, which are hiring for positions like engine programmer, animator, senior programmers, and a designer. As many have already pointed out, VR has come a long way since its introduction. Nowadays, it requires several key roles to bring the whole thing together.

What all of this does signify, however, is that Rockstar Games is interested in VR development going forward. VR Case Files wasn't just the one-off experiment that some thought it might be. And, really, this bodes well for the future of VR as a whole. It's a growing market that has only a handful of AAA-scoped games under its belt, so the more experiences we get the better. That does lead one to wonder where Rockstar's focus is with GTA, though. The company recently got criticized for their surprise announcement at Sony's recent PlayStation 5 Event: A PS5 port of GTAV. Not bad news by any means, but it did lead many to notice the huge gap in release between GTA games now. For context, GTAIV came out in 2008. Five years later, we received GTAV in 2013. There's been nothing on the GTA front since then, leading many to ponder when GTAVI could finally become a reality. No doubt Rockstar is paying attention, especially now that Red Dead Redemption recently received its sequel.

Chances are it will update over time as more info gets put out about it. VR Case Files was a solid VR experience, and proof that whatever the team is cooking up next is sure to be a delight to play. And who knows, if you've got an interest in one of the mentioned positions yourself, this might be a good chance to hop in. Some have noted that whatever this game turns out to be, it will likely only be on PC and PlayStation platforms. This is due to the fact that Microsoft hasn't really been investing in VR technology like the other two have. It paints the picture that this new game may be an original IP; a much less risky maneuver to put out without Xbox getting a chance to play. That's all just theorizing at this point, though. It'll be interesting to see where this road leads.


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