Sometimes, when it comes to game development, a team may want to make a small piece of add-on content for their game. Maybe an expansion, maybe DLC, something like that. This can sometimes lead to said content growing in size and scope until, eventually, it becomes its own game entirely. This has happened plenty of times in the past, and it looks like that's exactly what happened with trippy first-person action game Superhot. Developed by the aptly named Superhot Team, the game received a pseudo-sequel in the form of Superhot VR. While similar to the first game, the experience was re-built from the ground-up for VR devices and gameplay. So, this begs the question: Where's our true followup game? A sequel to continue the action and story? As it turns out, it's on the way, and we can play it as soon as next week.


Superhot: Mind Control Delete started out as what I described above; an add-on piece for the original game that quickly grew into its very own thing. Superhot Team started development on MCD shortly after the release of the first game, and once it ballooned in size, they put it under Steam Early Access in 2017. Well, development is finally finished, and the game is getting a full, proper release on multiple platforms next week. Better yet, the team revealed some good news for owners of the original Superhot: If you bought that game anytime before MCD's release, you get a free copy of the sequel. To be clear, you'll have had to purchase Superhot. The team explains that if you received the first game under some sort of free giveaway or subscription service, you won't qualify for the free copy. For everyone else, look forward to it. Mind Control Delete looks to continue the story of Superhot, while adding in much bigger, more expansive levels. New gameplay mechanics and playable characters will be featured as well.

It's a pretty significant upgrade too. The original Superhot was a pretty quick jaunt, while the sequel clocks in at around 12 to 15 hours. For those who never caught it back in the day, Superhot was well regarded for its unique time dilation gameplay mechanic. The game looks and plays like a first-person shooter, but the catch is that time only moves around you when you move. This leads to very strategic moment-to-moment gameplay, where your every move has to be planned in advance before you risk moving your character. It's often been compared to a first-person, slower-paced Hotline Miami, due to the difficulty and respawn speed. Those expecting a VR version of the sequel are going to have a while to wait. "It's important to remember that VR is not only a different platform - it's an entirely different way of interacting with games and it comes with its own design and hardware challenges," Superhot Team said on the question of a VR MCD. "Superhot VR was created from scratch as an entirely separate game to emulate the Superhot experience in VR, and it was a BIG undertaking. We aren't starting any BIG undertakings right now. Should this change, we'll let you guys know."


All in all, it's to be expected. It took a while for the VR version of Superhot to be made and released as well. For now, we can look forward to Superhot: Mind Control Delete when it releases on July 16th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. PC players will be able to nab the game via Steam, the Epic Games Store, GOG, and the Humble Store. No Switch version was confirmed, though, given the later release of the Switch edition for the original, it's not totally out of the cards. You can check out the quick little reveal trailer for the game below. For those who can't get the sequel for free, the game will run you $24.99. With the game right around the corner, things are about to get SUPER. HOT.


Tanner is a freelance writer. He enjoys all things video games, particularly the weirder ones, and can often be found drinking coffee and trying to get through his backlog.

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