It's so difficult to keep anything a secret these days. As the Internet has advanced more and more, it seems as if leaks pop up left and right, often to detrimental effect. Sometimes it can be upcoming announcements, while other times it can be entire stories (R.I.P. The Last of Us Part 2). In the case of this article, it's the former. It's been a couple of years since the last numbered Far Cry installment. The series took a brief break with Far Cry: New Dawn, a spinoff game that set itself up as a sequel to Far Cry 5. Now, it looks as if Ubisoft is ready for their next big Far Cry outing. Information about a potential Far Cry 6 leaked out through a listing on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store(which has since been taken down). There was a lot of info too; plot points, setting, antagonist, and even a bit of promo art. Shortly following the leaks, Ubisoft played along and announced that more would be revealed at their upcoming Ubisoft Forward event this Sunday.


Thanks to Ubisoft's confirmation, we now know that the info provided in the leaks was very much real. Here's what all we know so far. Far Cry 6 takes place on the island of Yara, which the description states is the "largest Far Cry playground to date". From the sounds of it, Yara is a more tropical destination than the past couple of entries, bringing it closer in line with Far Cry 3. Perhaps the most notable plot point is the antagonist. The Far Cry series has become infamous for its intimidating, well-written, psychotic villains. This time around, Far Cry 6's looming antagonist is Anton Castillo, played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito. In case that sounds familiar, it should: Esposito is best known for his role as the chilling, calculating drug lord Gustavo Fring on the hit show Breaking Bad. I couldn't think of a better choice for a video game bad guy. The promo art I mentioned before shows Castillo alongside his son, Diego, who is described as a boy following his father's footsteps closely. Castillo's goal? To restore his nation back to glory.

You play as freedom fighter/guerrilla soldier Dani Rojas, who must use whatever tools and allies possible to bring down Castillo's corrupt regime. It all sounds very Far Cry, and the series really has found a working formula for each entry. There was also a helpful bit of good news found within the leaks which revealed that the game will be eligible for a free upgrade to PlayStation 5. This means if you buy the PlayStation 4 version, you won't have to worry. This likely means the Xbox version will similarly be upgradable through Microsoft's Smart Delivery system. Other details aren't known at this time, but we don't have to wait long. Ubisoft Forward takes place on July 12th at 12pm PT/3pm ET. The event is Ubisoft's E3 replacement, and likely where they planned to reveal all this info on Far Cry 6 in the first place before the leaks. No doubt we'll see a trailer, and maybe even some gameplay.


With all that said, make sure you catch the event on whatever streaming platform of choice you desire, be it YouTube or Twitch. The leaked release date for Far Cry 6 suggests we can expect it on February 18th, 2021, so we'll just have to see if that ends up being true. Esposito's role as the game's antagonist marks yet another Hollywood celebrity as a video game villain, which has been gaining popularity lately following the release of Death Stranding last year (that one had Mads Mikkelsen). No doubt Ubisoft will have even more new information to share on Sunday that wasn't covered in the leaks, so whatever comes, we'll keep you up to date on it. Do all of these big announcements make this summer feel like E3? Kind of, even if it's very prolonged, and has the looming anxiety of COVID-19 hulking behind it.


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