No Man's Sky has come a long way since its initial release way back in the summer of 2016. Now, it appears the game is seeking to broaden its horizons further! Hello Games announced that No Man's Sky will be coming to Xbox One, making it yet another title this week (alongside Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice) that formerly had PS4 console exclusivity making its way to Microsoft's platform. Alongside this announcement, Hello Games founder Sean Murray announced the next big update coming to No Man's Sky and gave us some hints towards it, but no outright explicit details as to its features.


With the game being released on Xbox One, it's going to come with all the improvements you would hope for and expect. If you're playing on the Xbox One X, you'll get full advantage of the HDR and 4K improvements to the game's colorful visuals and vistas. 505 Games is handling the publishing this time around for the Xbox One release, a switch up from Hello Games publishing the title themselves previously. A physical version of it will be available worldwide, and of course digitally as well. Best yet, Xbox One players get to look forward to their version already coming installed with all the prior big updates to No Man's Sky, and this upcoming update will apply to their version as with all others.

While with any other game, that detail about the updates might not seem like a huge deal, but in the case of No Man's Sky, it very much is. During the days of its release, the huge open-world/galaxy exploration game was very bare-bones and came under fire with a lot of controversy for it. Despite this, Hello Games has pushed forward and updated the game heavily with 3 huge updates since its release to now: the Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises updates. All of these dramatically changed a lot of things in No Man's Sky, and players who haven't played since release may be very surprised if they go back into it again. With the introduction of these came whole new mechanics and gameplay systems/tweaks like vehicles, base building and teleporting, an entire quest/rewards system, overhauled menus, better planet variety, online features, and even new story content.


So what about the update coming next? Fittingly enough, the next update is literally called 'NEXT'. Murray was rather vague about it but did indicate via his Twitter that the update is the largest one they've been working on for the game yet. Hello Games fully intends to continue supporting their game in this manner, updating it in huge ways over each year and building off of what came before. The NEXT update is set for a release window of sometime this summer, and the same goes for the Xbox One version of No Man's Sky, so we'll have to wait on both of these for just a few more months. Expect further details about the big update between now and then. For now, No Man's Sky is available for PlayStation 4.


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