The King of Fighters series has been put through many different re-releases time and again, with various titles from the huge fighting franchise being readily available on just about any platform of your choosing. Here soon, The King of Fighters '97 Global Match will be gracing us with its presence on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, finally putting it in our hands since its initial reveal out of EVO Japan. As with any good re-release, this version of KoF '97 will come with additional improvements to give the game a new flavor for those who experienced it back in, you guessed it, 1997.


The biggest and most obvious inclusion here is the addition of online play, something that's come to be expected with most fighting game re-releases. While waiting for matchmaking, which can sometimes take a while, Global Match will also let you play single player while you wait, a very neat little inclusion for those who are less patient. In relation to this online play, Global Match players will be able to duke it out in crossplay no matter which Sony platform they're playing on. The same cross play rules apply here, meaning if you buy it on PlayStation 4, you also can freely download the game on PlayStation Vita, and vice versa, a good option to have for those who want to play the game on the go and on the big screen.

Aside from the online additions mentioned above, there are some more minor tweaks, such as the ability to set the menu BGM to your favorite music track from the game. SNK Corporation has had many re-release collaborations with Code Mystics in the past, and they happen to be the same company handling this one too, meaning we'll be receiving a  Gallery Mode with unlockable art pieces similar to other re-released KoF games, with unlock conditions being similar too. Considering KoF '97 was the conclusion point for the first KoF storyline, the Orochi Arc, it's a well-regarded bit of the series history and this will be a good excuse to re-experience that. All of the story mode/single player content remains the same and unchanged.


Good news for Sony fans is that the King of Fighters '97 Global Match is releasing on PS4 and PS Vita as soon as tomorrow, April 3rd. It'll run you $14.99 on either platform. While the original Drop post for the PlayStation Store this week mentioned that it would be releasing on the 5th, the official post from SNK today on the PlayStation Blog says otherwise, so do keep that in mind. As for PC players, Global Match is set to release on Steam sometime this April as well, though a date hasn't been specified yet. Since it's within the month though, you won't have too long to wait! If you feel like boosting the hype for the release, check out the teaser trailer for it below!


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