It's been a while since we heard anything from Rocksteady Studios, the folks behind the popular Batman: Arkham series of video games. As it turns out, there's a very good reason we haven't heard much from them: They've been busy! Hard at work on a new video game, though this time around it isn't focused on our favorite caped crusader. There have been rumors circulating about Rocksteady making a Suicide Squad game ever since 2013's Batman: Arkham Origins, which featured a post-credits scene hinting at the return of the Squad. Those rumors quieted down until just a month ago, when the discussion surrounding them grew yet again. Rocksteady has now officially confirmed it all via Twitter. They're making a Suicide Squad game, and more info will come in late August.


The whole thing is a real simple tease for the time being; just a single image and a promise of more to come. Even so, there's a lot to be excited about. The tweet Rocksteady posted has an image of Superman with his back turned. A Suicide Squad logo in the shape of a gun targeting circle rests over the man of steel's head. The rumors suggest Rocksteady's version of the Squad will involve them going after the Justice League, and the picture associated with the tweet seems to suggest this all the more. The caption simply reads 'Target locked. #DCFanDome. August 22nd.' DCFanDome is the upcoming DC-centric conference being held on that exact date. Plenty of exciting announcements are planned for it, though sadly the conference will have to be virtual-only due to the pandemic.

We're not for certain what Rocksteady will reveal on August 22nd; it could be a simple cinematic trailer, or it could be full-blown gameplay. Whatever the case, it's a safe guess to assume this new game will follow a similar style to their past works (open-world, story-driven adventure). Since it's focused on the Suicide Squad, a big difference will likely occur with the ability to play as other characters, whereas normally we're used to just being THE Batman. Rocksteady's last game was Batman: Arkham Knight, which released in 2015. While the game was a little more controversial than its older siblings Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, it still performed well and went on to be the best looking and playing Batman game to-date.


With the date locked in, make sure to watch out for whatever Rocksteady has planned on August 22nd. It's hard to say how far along the Suicide Squad game is at this point, which would also determine when Rocksteady plans on releasing it. It could be this year, or it could be set for 2021, though considering how long it's been since Arkham Knight, it might be pretty polished up already. In the meantime, you can keep track of the game through the new, official Twitter account Rocksteady set up for it. It's probably no coincidence that the studio is announcing the game so close to the release of the next-gen consoles either. The team has pretty much set the bar for what to expect from open-world superhero games, so I'm sure whatever they have planned this time is going to wow our capes off.


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